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This Is How You Decorate for Timeless Elegance

Decorate for timeless elegance

When I do some researches online, I encounter a lot of inspirational content. It’s not rare for me to digress and look for something totally different from what I was aiming at the beginning. But I don’t mind because this is usually how I make the most amazing discoveries. I might find a super nice restaurant in a any european city or a cool article on people who followed their dreams or even a stunning apartment from talented architects that can teach me how to decorate for timeless elegance.

Decorate for timeless elegance“>

Today I wanted to share an apartment I found online recently during one of my digression session.

Decorate for timeless elegance

Decorate for timeless elegance

There is tons of beautifully designed space out there. Yet only a few of them brings out that sentiment of effortless luxury and timeless elegance. And that’s what stroke me when I found this apartment designed by french interior designer Jean Charles Tomas. There is a sort of sophistication that arise from this space and it’s not a coincidence, here is why:

White walls (decorative moldings a plus)

As much as I love a good accent wall, there is something about them that imprint it in a precise era. The style of the wall paper or the choice of color will almost every time give away the time in which it has been done. There is nothing wrong about it of course, but it prevents that sentiment of timeless elegance to emerge. So white walls are a guarantee of not being attached to any era.

Decorate for timeless elegance

Natural elements

wood, stone, metal ceramics, linen… are a few material that are a part of that timeless elegance feeling. Take the kitchen counter in the image below: high quality marble, sleek line and fabulous pattern. The quality of the material will also play a big part on the feeling it stimulate. Choosing natural texture over synthetic one, can really make the difference. So even if you don’t own your place and wasn’t able to choose the kitchen counter, this is a point to take into account when furnishing your place. Decorate for timeless elegance

Contrast, contrast, contrast

We all have in mind the famous painting of the italian master el Carravagio, the inventor of chiaroscuro (clarity/obscurity). He made a lot of noise with this painting technique at that time and it was justified. The contrast made the painting so vivid and lively that it was almost revolutionary. And that is still valid in our time. Contrast impart a sort of splendeur and greatness to interior decor. It’s a great tool to make any room more stunning.

Decorate for timeless elegance

Stunning luminaires

Luminaires are a big part of any home. It’s important to choose them well because they can totally upgrade a room and make a statement. Luminaires are often a thing you notice when coming into a room. They are also very versatile since they come in all sort of shape, material and colors. You can change any room with a good choice of luminaires. So be aware and choose them carefully.

Decorate for timeless elegance

Respecting these few rules should help you achieve that improvised sophistication we are all aiming for.

Decorate for timeless elegance

Picture by Benoit Linero

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