November 20, 2017

Christmas Gift Guide: for Your Manfriend, Husband, Boyfriend…

Christmas Gift Guide: for Your Manfriend, Husband, Boyfriend…

Each year it is the same tricky question: what am I going to offer to my manfriend? And by manfriend I don’t mean man-friend which is an entire different thing. A manfriend, according to the Urban Dictionary, is a male significant other that possesses a higher level of maturity than the typical “boyfriend”. It is usually a term used by women that have very high standards in a relationship and do not have the patience to tolerate immature bullshit. So, that definition doesn’t really solve our issue here but somehow it helped me define the type of gifts for this Christmas Gift Guide.

 I wanted high quality gifts made out of great material, possibly handmade see (n°1,4,8 and 9). Or fun and sleekly designed stuff that your man desire more than he needs it (see n°2,3,5,6 and 7). Also a few things here and there to take care of that manly beard with the latest trendy nordic brand (see n°10). And that’s how you make the perfect gift guide for your manfriend. Enjoy it!


The christmas gift guide for your manfriend, husband, boyfriend or whatever you call him

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  1. Calloway Fawn wide brim wool hat by Will & Bear| €78 ||
    Beautiful hat made with love in Mongolia out of Australian wool. For every hat sold they plant 10 trees.
  2. Plano watch by Squarestreet|| €245 ||
    Scandinavian design is the best when it comes to home decor but apparently they also thrive when it comes to watch design.
  3. Espresso Machine by Rok || CHF 175 ||
    For the coffee lovers, a coffee machine that makes the best flavored coffee plus it’s fun to use.
  4. Roam Camera Bag Slate by Rural Kind || £169 ||
    This bag is exactly what your passionate photographer manfriend needs. Great material, handmade in the UK and imagined by a photographer.
  5. Turntable Planar 1 white by Rega || €375 ||
    This turntable is a great gift for all the music lovers out there. The sound is amazing and the design is sleek.
  6.  A Field Guide to Whisky || $ 13.75 ||
    A guide to whisky with awesome review on amazon, it makes it all simple and clear for any whisky enthusiast.
  7. Leather backgammon roll || £110 ||
    Backgammon is a really challenging game that guys like a lot, this one is a luxurious set featuring marbled counters and brass dice. You can also customize it with his initials. How cool is that?
  8. Handmade ceramic cup by Studio Oyama || € 40 ||
    Those handmade cups are absolut piece of art. Imagine taking your everyday coffee in one of those.
  9. Wool stone marine bag by Marin et Marine. || €120.00 ||
    Not the first time you’ll find one of marin et marine bags in a product round up and that’s for a good reason, they make unisex bags that are marvelous. This one is perfect for the cold season.
  10. Grooming Kit by L:A Bruket. || $75 ||
    Last but not least, the perfect kit for taking care of that virile beauty.


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