November 13, 2017

Christmas Gift Guide: for Your Mother in Law

Christmas Gift Guide: for Your Mother in Law

Let’s start our gift guide series with a rather complex one, the mothers in law. It could be tricky to gift your mom in law depending on the relationship you have with her. Sometimes it goes really smoothly and sometimes it doesn’t. Some of us have very cool mother in law while others have very controlling ones. Anyway, at the end of the day, they are family and that’s what counts.

Christmas is the best period to show your family that despite your differences, you care for them and love them. So I have been browsing the web to come up with the perfect gift guide to show your mother in law exactly that. Believe me, it was not an easy task. But I truly think that those gifts ideas are classy, thoughtful and send the right message.

The christmas gift guide for your mother in law

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  1. MacBook Pro 13″ Terrazzo sleeve by WOUF  || 55 CHF ||
    If your mom in law is a bit techy, you cannot go wrong with that classy terrazzo sleeve. It’s very trendy and useful.
  2. Handbag Essentials by Grown Alchemist   || $79 ||
    I love the idea of “handbag enssentials”, every women should have those beauty products in her handbag.
  3. Midnight Garden Eye Mask by House of Hackney || £48 ||
    Eye Mask are a very convenient gift, it’s something you don’t really buy for yourself but you’d enjoy having a new good looking and comfy one. Those eye mask from House of Hackney are just the right amount of classy for your mom in law.
  4. Classic Alpaca Cape by Cuyana || $195 ||
    The perfect layering piece, you can’t go wrong with the color nor with the material. it’s soft and there is no risk of choosing something too small or too big so you can avoid the awkward moment “I’m not that fat” or “it’s a bit tiny, I guess I have a few kilos to loose”. 
  5.  Yves Saint Laurent: The Scandal Collection  by Books with Style || $ 70 ||
    The timeless chic of Yves Saint Laurent’s collections, this book is everything but a “faute de goût”.
  6. Burgundy Vaporetto bracelet by BANGLE UP  || 75€ ||
    Costume jewelries like bracelet are a great way to gift a women, it will always look like a high end gift with a not so high end price. There is a wide range of choice for bracelet at bangle up so feel free to check them all out.
  7.  Le Coffret bag by Leo & Viollette || 230 € ||
    I have already mentioned Leo & Violette in previous gift guide and I absolutely stand by my love for their bags. This one is the perfect compromise between handy and stylish.
  8. Roller Fragrance Dark Tides by basalt || $41 ||
    There is nothing better than a discreet roller fragrance. It’s handy and can easily be concealed in a any handbag. The fragrance by Basalt evoke the most sublime and simply pretty scents.
  9. Black Herman Magazine Rack by Ferm Living  || 101 CHF ||
    A good magazine rack is always a piece we need, no matter what. And if the design is by Ferm Living it’s the cherry on the cake.
  10. 2018 Journal J Planner Gallery by Mochithings || $35.95 ||
    A planner is a classic gift at christmas but this one is really so well thought and beautifully designed that it’s nothing else than a great gift. 

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