December 4, 2017

Christmas Gift Guide: for your dog

Christmas Gift Guide: for your dog

Last but not least our furry friends! We also need to show them our gratitude for their unconditional love all year long. They stand by our side no matter what, so they deserve a little something to make their life a little bit better. Even though the best present you can offer them is your unconditional love. But that goes without saying. Here is a selection that will please your fog and you at the same time.

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  1. Benny Basic Circle Bed by Waggo  || $ 108 ||
    Such a classy bed, I’d like to have one for myself too.
  2. “FORGET ME KNOT” Rope Toy by Mungo & Maud || £ 12.50 ||
    A really cool toy for the chewers.
  3. Milo Marbre + Brummy Grise bowl by FUL[L]  || 89,00 € ||
    You eat with silverware they eat in a marble bowl that’s just right.
  4. Chalkboard Dog Treat Jar by Waggo || $ 38 ||
    A good looking treat jar where you can write whatever you want on it.
  5. Hand knit milk by Ware of the Dog || $ 18 ||
    Those knitted toys are the best because they last and resist to any dog. Their design is also very very cute.
  6. Boyd Bandana by Billy Wolf || $ 25 ||
    For the coolest dogs a bandana is a must.
  7. Blue quilted nylon puffer jacket with shearling lining by Love Thy Beast || $ 75 ||
    Some dogs are not really equipped for bad weather. This jacket is ideal for those rainy, windy and snowy days. It will protect them from being cold and wet but not from being cuter.
  8. Nice Grill Sky & Ice Blue Collar by See Scout Sleep || € 35,00 – € 49,50 ||
    It’s nice to change collar once in a while and at See Scout Sleep they have the most colorful ones.
  9. Leaf water dispenser by Design Libero  || € 7.99 ||
    This leaf water dispenser is such a great idea, and it fits most plastic bottles. So you can give your dog water even though you forgot his bowl. 
  10. Leash we are tight by Howlpot  || $ 58 ||
    Howlpot is a south korean brand with the most amazing dog gear I have seen. This leash is amazingly design and there is several ways to tie it depending on what you are looking for.  


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