November 27, 2017

Christmas Gift Guide: for the perfect host

Christmas Gift Guide: for the perfect host

Christmas is the month of parties and social gatherings. It’s already exhausting to assist to these events so imagine hosting them… I really admire the people who embark on such journey. They all have lives and are probably as busy as you and me but still, they take on that host role like it’s a walk in the park. So for that we should be able to thank them properly and not only with the perpetual bottle of wine. Hence I have selected a few items that will show your gratitude to these people that always organize the best parties.

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  1. Ripple Champagne Saucer (set of 2) by Ferm Living  || € 34 ||
    There is no party without champagne and those saucer from Ferm Living are a delight for the eyes.
  2. Wick trimmer and candle snuffer set by CB2 || 26.70 ||
    Any host needs these tools if they want to take good care of their candles.
  3. Ellipse Platter in Navy Marble with Gold Rim Vol. 11 by Suite studio one || $140.00 ||
    Suite Studio One make the most amazing dishware possible and each piece is pretty unique.
  4. Crinkled cotton blanket by H&M Home || CHF 59.95 ||
    A blanket is always a useful item. This one from H&M Home has the perfect color and texture.
  5. Spritz: Italy’s Most Iconic Aperitivo Cocktail by Penguin Random House  || € 16||
    A nice table book is always a good addition to any host home.
  6. Digo Ceramic Tile Coasters by Tilissimo || CHF26 ||
    Those ceramic tile coasters are handmade with flawless design.
  7. Black Amber Soap by The Greater Goods || € 12 ||
    A good looking soap for the bathroom plus they are 100% natural and handmade.
  8. Hiba wood atmosphere mist by Studio Cue LA   || $ 45 ||
    Because it’s important to create an atmosphere when you invite people.
  9. Painted Notebook Moonlight by Moglea || $ 22 ||
    A Notebook that they won’t be ashamed to display.
  10. Winter Bergamot Candle by Essence and alchemy  || £25 ||
    Those candles have a wood wick which crackle when you light them. It will totally add a cozy feeling to the atmosphere.


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