February 10, 2017

Transform Your Man in a Virile Woodsman this Valentine’s Day

Transform Your Man in a Virile Woodsman this Valentine’s Day

It’s almost mid-February and I can smell something coming, something pink, something heart shaped, something cheesy… Valentine’s day. I know, described like this, it could even repulse the most romantic people. Imagine how manly this day sound to men…  

But as much as Valentine’s day is said to be a commercial event, it can still be a good occasion to spoil your significant other. Remind him of how much you are happy to have him by your side. Not so cheesy then? okay, still a little.

Gift him and yourself at the same time

But gifting your boyfriend is not an easy task, right? Don’t try to ask him for help, all you’ll get is some kind of complaint. You’ll have to get creative.
So what could you do to make Valentine’s day more attractive and maybe less pink and girly-girly? My solution is to gift him with something that emphasizes his manhood. And what’s more manly than a man of the woods? Nothing. The best part is that, at the same time, you are gifting yourself too.

Therefore I have put together, with the help of my very manly men, a little gift guide to transform your boyfriend/husband into a virile woodsman.
But remember, The first rule to respect when gifting someone is to not give them something they need. You have to come up with something they want or they don’t know they want. I’ll leave you with these very wise words then.

A gift guide to transform you men in a virile woodsmen this Valentine's day

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  1. Jeu de Pucket by Les Raffineurs ||€59 ||
    After your romantic hike, you’ll definitely want to chill and play board game.
  2. RoToTo Silk Cotton Crew Socks Light Blue by Bridge and Burn || $26 ||
    Japanese socks are the best.
  3. Bonnet brique by Couvre-Chef || €85 ||
    There is no winter hike without a stylish beanie.
  4. Reversible Napsack Camo  by Poler || $145.95 ||
    Spending the night under the stars and being able to go pee without leaving yours cozy napsack. The Dream!
  5. Wilderness Rucksack – Spruce Salt & Pepper by Tanner Good || $475 ||
    Probably the nicest Rucksack on the market.
  6. Swisstool BS by Victorinox || CHF 179 ||
    This is a whole toolbox on its own and it fits in your pocket!
  7. Brass Pocket Compass by Man of the World || $44.95 ||
    With this compass you will follow him anywhere…

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