February 13, 2017

5 Ways to Enhance your Winter Look with Faux Fur

5 ways to enhance your winter look with faux fur

Let’s talk about winter looks for a bit. I’ve noticed that when the temperature goes down, so does our look. It’s more about being comfy and warm than stylish and cool. But after a while of wearing only comfy clothes, it can also make you feel a little depressed. And that’s not acceptable when you are not even 30 years old. So I decided to see what options do we have to upgrade our winter look easily and still be comfy. That’s how I came across faux fur and all the potential it has.


Faux Fur: the perfect mix between chic and comfy

Since I’m more of a modern and minimalist kind of gal, I looked for a piece that stands out a bit more than my usual clothes. A piece that could energized my look. A coat is the perfect winter piece, it’s the master piece, if I can say, of your winter wardrobe. Besides, faux fur is the perfect trends for coats. faux fur coats gives the right amount of peps to an outfit, to go from boring to fun. So I hunted down, the best trends in the faux fur department to add that little spark to our looks. 5 of these trends clearly retained my attention.
  1. Green faux Fur

    According to an article I read, green is the color of the year 2017. Yes, we kind of figured that out, thank you. So naturally the fashion industry jumped on it and made some beautiful green faux fur coats. Bingo! it is a heavenly mix. Very chic and modern exactly what we need to upgrade those winter look.

    Faux fur green coat to enhance your winter lookPicture by: Style me Grasie

  2.  Faux fur scarf

    faux fur scarfs reminds me of my late grand mother (except she wore real fur). it carries a 20’s feeling. Chic and easy to wear. You don’t need to wear complicated clothes to add this piece to your outfit, jeans and a grey sweatshirt will do perfectly.

    Faux fur scarf to enhance your winter lookPicture by: Seams for a Desire

  3. Faux shearling coat

    faux shearling, is more casual. It’s cooler more girl-next-door but still stands out. It’s the classic winter coat and it never goes out of fashion.

    Faux fur scarf to enhance your winter lookPicture by: Josie loves

  4. Slightly oversized faux fur coat

    You have to love it, it makes you look so cool and comfy. Because yes, it’s winter, you need to go out with some layers. That kind of faux fur coat makes you feel like some kind of nordic animal, a wolf or a bear. Strong and ready to face the cold.

    shearling faux fur coat to enhance your winter lookPicture by Ellen Claesseon

  5. Bombers faux fur

    It’s still not the end of the Bombers, and if you want to be part of the cool kids team, you need one. Wear it as a coat or as a cover-up depending on the temperature. As a cover up it will allow you to keep that cool touch throughout the day. 

    Faux fur bombers to enhance your winter lookPicture by: Viva Luxury



So which one is your favorite trend? Don’t forget to choose wisely, remember the capsule wardrobe article you don’t want to invite all that clutter back into your closet 😉



Cover image by: Forage fashion


Cool list! Just got a faux fur coat from Zara actually, my first – very similar looking to the one under your ‘slightly oversized’ – but in an overall cream shade. Funny thing is, I think it’s so cool but I don’t have the confidence to wear it out yet, I think I need time adjusting to feeling like a nordic animal! Soon haha 😉 the green faux fur is also something I want to try..

I feel you here, faux fur is not an easy pick. But it really instantly upgrade your look like crazy.
You could start small with the bombers and scarf and then grow into a magnificent polar bear (cream coat). hehe 😜

ahahaha I cannot believe you actually wrote the exact words ‘polar bear (cream coat)’. I LITERALLY just bought a ‘polar bear cream coat’ online just an hour ago! (again, will probably save it for when the time comes hahaha ..but they look so amazing, had to buy!). Thanks for the tip 😉

Hahaha what a coincidence! I hope you’ll do a post about that coat, I want to see how it fits!

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