February 17, 2017

Apres Ski: Keep it Chic with these Fabulous Items – Part Two

Apres Ski: Keep it Chic with these Fabulous Items – Part Two

Today we are going to focus on the party-party side of apres ski. I hope you enjoyed your hot cup of cocoa and that book about how to feel good at home because it’s about to go wilder.

We are socialites

Everyone needs from time to time to get social. It feels good to discuss, have fun, and mingle with other people. It’s even more fun when it is during your “so trendy” ski holiday. The mountains scenery brings something more. I don’t know if it is the fresh air or the beautiful landscape but the atmosphere during those social events, is always on top. Whether it is in the coolest bar or a simple gathering outside, it’s always friendly and joyful.

Social events demand a little effort when it comes to appearances. And after a day of fun in the snow, it’s not easy to be at your best. Hopefully, I have collected some great items to help you fix yourself and also a few items to make the party even better.

A collection of items to keep it chic for a social apres ski



  1. Fingerless Fur Mittens – Jocelyne || $70 ||
    There is something about mittens, that make you look rad. So mittens with fur make you look rad and chic!
  2. Lomo’instant – Lomography || $99 ||
    You’ll want to capture those pure moment of joy of course.
  3. Mountain Top Seamless Ski Base Layer – Sweaty Betty  || £60 ||
    Sweaty Betty does the best ski clothes. Stylish and warm.
  4. Soft Perfume – Sabé Masson  || €22 ||
    Perfume bottles are not an easy thing to carry around with you and that’s what make this soft perfume the perfect apres ski accessory. It’s quick like lipstick and allows you to refresh a bit.
  5. Handmade Head band  – Couvre chef || €55 ||
    That handmade head band is just gorgeous. You can brag and say that you made it yourself.
  6. Compass Shearling Booties – Rag & Bone ||$695 ||
    Look like a truly chic “montagnard” with these very cool booties.
  7. Golden Flask – Izola || €19.50 ||
    Not that we are alcoholic but, hey, it’s happy hour.
  8. Nail polish Lilou, Black Metal – Nailmatic €8 Nailpolish Remover, Lavander || €14 ||
    I know this could seem like too much but wearing stylish gloves is not a free pass for dirty nails. So you can choose to just clean your nails or add a beautiful and fierce nail polish so your furry mittens will take a whole new dimension.
  9. Arpès Ski Beauty Kit – Codage || € 79 ||
    Your tailor-made beauty kit to take care of your skin specifically after a day in the cold.

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