February 20, 2017

Why You Should Adopt that Famous Egyptian Magic Cream

Why You Should Adopt that Famous Egyptian Magic Cream

You know how sometimes you feel like the universe is trying to tell you something. Often it’s because something happened to you so you start noticing that thing much more. Like when you think you might be pregnant and you start to see pregnant women everywhere. A few weeks ago I had that same feeling.

 Only, it was not the universe but the internet that tried to tell me something. I just kept bumping into the same thing on every pages. I’m not talking about those ads that follow you everywhere, I’m talking about real coincidences. You read an article about that thing, see it on someone’s instagram feed and so on. That thing being the cream Egyptian Magic.


Since 1991

You might know it, since it has been around since 1991. But it seems that the product has only taken off a few years ago. Celebrities such as Kate Hudson, Madonna, Eva Longoria and more swears by it. They might have had something to do with this sudden popularity;) I know it’s not a proof of its value but it’s a good start.


Oh My Cream!

A cream that can deeply moisturize and heal every type of skin. It's magic

I purchased the Egyptian Magic Cream through Oh My Cream!, a beauty shopping website that helps you find the best beauty products out there. I have already mentioned them in a few “weekly gems”. (Find it here and here). Their selection is top notch and they also offer some personalized advices depending on your type of skin. All in all it’s a great online shopping address. 


No design needed

A cream that can deeply moisturize and heal every type of skin. It's magic

So as you can see the packaging is not cute or minimalistic like every other trendy products on the market. The design hasn’t been touched since 1991 and it’s pretty obvious. But as much as it could hurt a lot of products, for this one, it is the opposite. That very original 90’s design, stresses the fact that they put all their effort in the product itself. Besides, the brand make only one product. So basically, the product is the brand.


6 natural ingredients

A cream that can deeply moisturize and heal every type of skin. It's magic

The cream is composed of 6 natural ingredients:

  1. Olive oil
  2. Bees wax
  3. Honey
  4. Bee pollen
  5. Royal jelly extract
  6. Bee propolis

Nothing more nothing less. In modern times, it’s pretty rare to find such products. In general, there is systematically a synthetic addition to beauty products. Not with Egyptian Magic Cream.


Doctors love it

So what should you use it for? you can use it for pretty much everything. It’s recommended by every doctors. Use it on dry lips, face, body, dry feet, stretch marks, wrinkles, sun burn, the list is long. There is no contraindications. Use it as you see fit.



A cream that can deeply moisturize and heal every type of skin. It's magic

What’s not so cool about this product is its greasy texture. I’m definitely not going to use it as my day cream. Yet, I may use it at night when my skin feels taut. Another thing is the smell. Since there is no fragrances added, it doesn’t smell bad, but it doesn’t smell good either. It smells almost the same as vaseline. So, don’t expect your boyfriend to compliment you on your smell. But he might compliment you on the softness of your skin after a few usages.


Your new travel buddy

A cream that can deeply moisturize and heal every type of skin. It's magic

Personally, I see it as my new travel buddy. It’s everything in one product. No need to carry that big pouch around filled with many creams that always get confiscated because it’s more than 100 ml or 1l in total. From now on I’ll be traveling with that little 59 ml (2 oz) container, my hand sanitizer and that’s it.

To sum up a bit, I see that product as an all-in-one first aid skin reliever. I can sense that I’m going to use this a lot for my dry hands, dry lips and irritated skin. It will be my go to product for any rash or irritations. I love that it’s 100% natural, I feel like I can abuse it without feeling guilty.


Hidden gems

Egyptian magic
Oh My Cream!


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