April 10, 2017

Oh My Cream ! Cutting Edge Beauty

Oh My Cream ! Cutting Edge Beauty

This is the first post in this new category about our favorite online shops. Here you will find a selection of the best place to shop online and for each post a review of the experience we had while shopping there. We will do our best to give you all the tips we can find so you can take full advantage of your shopping experience. We start this month with a shop that we fancy a lot, Oh My Cream. They have the best selection of beauty products you could find online and lots of nice tips. Keep reading to learn it all.

Why Shop There:

A french e-shop who defines itself as the hub for cutting edge beauty. You’ll find rare and established beauty products on Oh my cream. Discover over 35 handpicked brands from organic skincare to make-up and much more. The women behind Oh my cream are very active, their selection is often updated and there is plenty of beauty tips on the website.

For Who and on What Occasion

For any beauty addicts and women who look for very specific types of products. This site is perfect to treat yourself with the best products on the market.

Price Range

You can find products starting from 6 euros for a chapstick to 250 euros for a serum. It’s mainly high-end brands so it will cost you a little bit more than the average beauty brands.

Shipping and Delivery

Based in France, they ship worldwide free of charges on orders overs €100. Otherwise, the charges depend on your location and the value of your order but those charges are generally very fair.


A free tote bag for order over 100 euros.
You will find 5 to 10 beauty samples within your parcel. How cool is that

Return Policy

You can request a product exchange up to 15 days after placing an order. All costs for returns sent from mainland France or outside of mainland France are charged to the customer.

Advice & Help

They have an email address where you can ask for beauty advices along with an online tests to find out about your skin type. it’s very specific and detailed, best test I took so far.
Their monthly online magazine is a great source to learn more about the products and help you know which one are relevant to you.
Beauty Coach : consultation@ohmycream.com

Personal Experience

I ordered the Egyptian Magic Cream (review here) and my experience went pretty well, except for the fact that I got my delivery a few days late. The swiss customs stopped it because the bill didn’t stated my exact address. I got in touched with Oh My Cream and they told me it was their mistake. They answered right away and were very eager to make things better. I really appreciated their reactivity and kindness. Overall a good experience.


Oh my cream is a super exclusive beauty eshop with lots of great personalized advices and rare products




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