May 4, 2017

11 Mandatory Things You Need in Your Carry-on for a Peaceful Trip

11 Mandatory Things You Need to Add to Your Travel list for a Peaceful Trip

Nowadays travelling peacefully, is not to be taken for granted. With all that has happened these past years, long gone are the times where travelling was enjoyable. Between the terrorists attacks in public spaces, the security checks and the lack of comfort, it’s been hard to actually enjoy the journey…
While we can’t do much about terrorism and security checks, we do have action on the lack of comfort. It all starts with our carry-on.

No more personal space

Since the 50’s, our personal space in aircraft has consistently diminished. The space per seat in economy class from then is equal to the space per seat in our modern first class… So yes, there is no denial, if you want to travel peacefully you need to be prepared. Usually, when travelling by plane, your personal space is very reduced, in the aircraft as well as the number of things you can take with you. Your carry-on size has to fit the standards thus it’s important to choose each item you put in there wisely.

Travel season

There is not really a travel season but summer tends to be the period with the biggest influx. Thus being prepared is of paramount importance. Have you ever experienced an awful flight? Because I have more than once and since then made a travel list of what not to forget in my carry-on.

You will find below a collection of the best items you need to add to your travel list to face any contingency. That way, even if all hell breaks loose you’ll be able to put on your alpaca eye mask and your anti-noise headphones and shut yourself down for a while.

By the way, if you want to travel in peace, I have created this travel list that include almost anything so you can relax and enjoy the journey.
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the must have items in your carry-on for a peaceful trip

  1. This is Ground – Mod tablet 3 || $389 ||

    Okay it will cost you a certain price but then you can kiss that heart attack goodbye each time you try to reach for your passport / flight ticket / wallet and don’t find it. It’s a handy tool that will save you precious life minutes.

  2. B&O Play – H8 Wireless Leather And Aluminium Headphones (Noise Canceler)  || € 418 || 

    Again those are pretty expensive but that’s because they are not only headphones but also noise canceler. So if you happen to find yourself close to a baby or simply annoying people, these will just shut them up for good. Does that have a price ? I don’t think so.

  3. Quip – electric brush|| $45 ||

    It’s not because you are travelling that you shouldn’t take care of your teeth properly. This electric toothbrush allows you to do so and is also perfect for travelling.

  4. Cuyanya – Baby Alpaca Travel Set || $195 ||

    An eye mask is a must have on a plane so invest once and for all in a good one and then keep it forever.  Who is not disgusted by those blanket full of static electricity companies pass out? Wouldn’t it feel better to be in your own?

  5. & Other Stories – Strap Briefs || £12 ||

    Anyone who has had a lost luggage or a longer trip than planned knows that a spare pair of underwear is mandatory.

  6. Milk Makeup – Micellar Water Remover Wipe || $14 ||

    You have to think wisely of how you want to distribute your 1l liquid between your products. Make up remover is certainly not part of it.

  7. Herbivore – Botanicals Mini Rose Hibiscus Face Mist || $16 || 

    The air in planes is very dry, you can feel it in your skin, having the luxury to hydrate your face from now and then is a big advantage.

  8. Egyptian Magic – Skin Cream || $26 ||

    I have already dedicated a whole article on this one so I won’t go into detail, but this is my go to cream for any part of my skin that feel taut or irritated.

  9. Warby Parker Reilly Sunglasses || $95 || 

    Sunglasses is the one thing you don’t want to forget, you never know. It can also help if your eyes feel tired and your face looks like shit. This brand has one of the best quality-price-ratio and the designs are perfect.

  10. Native Union – Slate Jump Cable (Micro USB) || $30 ||

    Sometimes your trip can take much more time than anticipated, so it’s important to be ready and to have some extra battery just in case. This can also be used as a cable to charge your phone from the actual charger. It charges up when it has finished charging your phone so you never forget to charged it.

  11. Insignia – Global Travel Adapter Kit || $24.99 ||

    Not very sexy, but everyone should have one of these, the global travel adapter is great because it’s almost compatible with every countries and lots of combination are possible.




Even though it may seem “tacky”, I would add one of those inflatable travel pillows. Some of them actually offer a great support and it can really be a life saver.
Also, something that changed the way I travel: the Bose Noise Cancelling headphones. You have to try it, it’s magic!

True, a inflatable travel pillow can be a life saver, definitely an item you could add on this list. Noise canceling headphones are a must, I don’t know about the Bose but I have tried the B&O (#2 on this list) and the noise cancelling function is just amazing, it’s like being in a bubble of silence. Perfect.

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