May 8, 2017

Taquiza – Miami, Tacos Heaven

Taquiza – Miami, Tacos Heaven

*UPDATE* Since the publication of this article  I’ve been in Miami, and I’ll assure you that Taquiza is a real Gem. I would have eaten there everyday. It’s exactly what you expect from that kind of restaurant.

In a few weeks, I’m going to Miami for the first time so obviously I’m looking for places to eat, to shop and activities to do there. That’s why I might dedicate the next Address Book posts to this very colorful city.Let’s start with Miami Tacos Heaven.
Hope you’ll enjoy. Any suggestions are very welcome in the comment box below! Cheers.

Why go at Taquiza:
Just imagine the ocean, the palm trees and a cute terrace with a counter. It sounds just like the perfect place for a quick lunch or dinner after spending time at the beach. The food looks absolutely delicious and so tasty. At Taquiza, the tortillas are handmade out of a blue corn from Michoacán, Mexico. This explains why their tortillas are blue blue, it’s Taquiza’s signature food.
The service is easy-going, you have to order from the counter and then you can eat wherever you want, right there on the wooden bench or just take it away. I’ve been there and it’s honestly my favorite find in Miami to eat.

Opening hours:
Mon – Sun  08:00 – 12:00
Fri – Sat 08:00 – 2:00

Price Range: $

Web site:

Address: 1506 Collins Ave, Miami Beach

Phone: +1 305 748 6099

Order Online

The best tacos in Miami are at Taquiza

The best tacos in Miami are at Taquiza - Miami Tacos Heaven




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