November 11, 2016

The Only Hotel you Need to Know for a Weekend in London

Browsing for a hotel in London for the week-end is not an easy thing. A hotel room in the center is, most of the time, ridiculously small and expensive. I don’t know why, but everything you find on booking sites seem to have a counter part. Like if it was impossible to find a normal hotel room for a fair price. There is always Airbnb which is a great solution. But sometimes it’s just not the spirit of the trip and the convenience of a hotel seems more right.
After all, London is full of outstanding hotels, of that I’m sure. Nevertheless, the challenge is to find them. So before our last trip to London, I decided to put some time and energy to find a good hotel. One I would come back to happily.

 The Hoxton Hotel

After a good amount of researches, I found it. The Hoxton hotel, has three different locations, thanks to it’s growing success. Their politic is not about just offering people a bed for the night. But more about living and experiencing the neighborhood alongside the locals. They also stress the fact that the common areas are made to make you want to stay. The situation is great, they have two alternatives in London. One in Shoreditch, where they opened their first hotel. And another one in Holborn, close to Covent Garden, so really central.

We picked the one in Holborn and the whole experience was a delight. Here is why:

From the moment you enter the Hoxton’s lobby, you feel good and you forget about all the travelling annoyances you had. The decor is remarkably authentic, cosy and modern. Everything is well thought and the attention to detail is obvious.

The service is on point. The employees are all helpful and easy-going. There is a lot of trendy locals hanging at the restaurant’s hotel. They are surfing on their mac computers while drinking coffee. I guess I can say without mistaking that the place looks pretty hip. But in a good way.

Hoxton Entrance
Hoxton Entrance

The Room

It was comfy, well decorated as the rest of the common places, and very functional. There is a minibar in which you’ll find milk and still water that you can drink because it’s free. You will also find a lot of surprise in the desk’s drawers. Amongst them is a cool map of the area with nice restaurants and things to do in the neighborhood. We tried two or three addresses that were in there and were very satisfised. The washroom was as good as new and everything was neat and clean. There also is a breakfast included in your room fare. It comes in a bag that is hanged to your door in the morning so you can take it to go. It’s simple and delicious. Granola, yoghurt, a banana and fresh orange juice. Really handy.
Our room was 14m2 which is not big but okay since everything is so well organized.

Hoxton room
Hoxton room

Hubbard & Bell

But still, what we loved the most about our experience at Hoxton is probably the very nice common places on the ground floor. We enjoyed it a lot and spent a fair amount of time there. We took a brunch at Hubbard and Bell, hanged out at the bar before going out for dinner and also had a shopping break in the lobby. It’s lively, comfy and very pleasant. It makes you want to stay.

Hoxton Hubbard and Bell2
Hoxton Hubbard and Bell
Hoxton Hubbard and Bell
Hoxton Hubbard and Bell

For all these reasons I highly recommend the Hoxton hotel to anyone from generation Y*. It allows you to experienced London’s singularity but also provides a cosy nest to come back to.

*I’m sure any generations could love the Hoxton hotel it’s just that I know generation Y is the perfect fit for it.

By the way if you want to travel in peace, I have created a packing checklist that will help you relax and enjoy the journey.
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