November 7, 2016

A Moodboard to Inspire Your Holiday Decorations

I’d like to start this month of November with a little moodboard. In the creative world it’s a useful tool to see if you are doing a coherent job. It helps you realize if colors matches, if the mood is right and if the whole universe you are creating is what you had in mind. It’s an interesting exercise to do, to see what our unconscious retains from the thousands of images we are exposed to every day. Plus it’s a nice trend book to come back to when in lack of inspiration

I created this one with the intent to catch some of the trends I feel are emerging for the next holiday season. And also to give me a little guideline for future christmas decor.

Let the Outside in

The theme “Let the outside in” appeared as an evidence. The outdoors is really appealing to people these days. It seems that we all aspire to only one thing, go outside in the wild. The most popular images on instagram are proof of it. Often composed of a person surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape, a lot of them feature the outdoors. As if, it’s what we are all secretly dreaming of. These Landscapes are half of the time nordic ones. And by Nordic I mean scenes such as, big pine’s forest, foggy lakes or mountain’s sunsets. All these have been trending for some time now and are not going anywhere.

So this christmas, be prepared to pick a lot of your decoration in the nature. Every branch, leaves, pine needles is potentially a future piece of your christmas decor. Next time you go for a walk in the country make sure to bring back home these items. The good news is:  Picking part of your decoration in the woods will save you money. The bad news is:  You’ll have to get creative. It won’t be enough to only just lay your finds around the home. (I will list some inspirations in a future post soon.)

Golden Light

To stay in that outdoorsy atmosphere, I wanted to talk about the importance of light. As I mentioned earlier, the wild is trending at the moment and so is camping. And when I say camping I’m obviously not talking about campsites and all it implies but more about wild camping. That’s were the lights intervene. In all those beautiful camping pictures, the light is always natural during the day and fiery at night. This fire gleam, that’s what’s interesting. This endows a warm and cozy atmosphere to these images. The golden-yellow color that comes from these types of light, has a lot to do with it. This is exactly the kind of atmosphere that suits the holiday season.
So this season to add warmth to a christmas decor, just add touches of gold. It will make the outdoorsy items pop out and look more festive.

Stay tuned for more inspiration on that subject.



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