November 4, 2016

5 Comforting 90’s Movies That Will Cheer You Up

I have been hanging out at home a little bit more these past few days. This means that Fall is really here along with my favorite part of the year. Hello long walks by the river, apple pie with cinnamon, hot tea with a great movie and a very cashemery blanket.Movies are a big part of the cuddling season. You have to choose it wisely or it could ruin the party. I have been finding myself doing some kind of a nostalgic trip into the 90’s without realizing it. With everything that is going on in the world, I think I got sick of the drama. I needed a little piece of the peace I felt I had when I was a child. Some good old 90’s movies.

Here is a list of 5 of the most comforting 90’s movies that can lift your mood in a snap.


  1. Notting Hill

    It was perceived as a cheesy movie when it came out but it is not. Okay, the plot is unlikely and I seriously doubt that an actress that famous could ever date someone she met on the street. Apart from that, It’s a very amusing movie and Hugh Grant and all the British cast are just hilarious. I might be not very objective since I’m a huge fan of Hugh and British humor but I have to be honest here and admit it, I had a good time.

    Notting hill movie
    Notting Hill – 1999 – Roger Michell
  2. Will Hunting

    It is as good as it was. Robin Williams character “Sean” is so authentic and a young Matt Damon is not unpleasant to watch. The exchanges they have and the dialogues are very smart and well put. I know it’s not the happiest movie ever but it’s full of hope and so beautiful and fragile that it can’t make you feel bad.

    The Good Will Hunting – 1997 – Gus Van Sant
  3. Fried Green Tomatoes

    This one is for my good childhood friend. She offered me the dvd last year for Christmas because as kids we use to watch it every time we had lunch at her place. We might have seen it a hundred times between 1995 and 1999. I rewatched it only recently and the fondness we had for this movie was justified. It’s a girl power movie full of strong women living hard lives in a misogynistic world. It’s an ode to feminity so if you feel a bit down and need some motivation, this one is the one. And never forget “Towanda”.

    Fried Green Tomatoes – 1991 – Jon Avnet
  4. Mrs. Doubtifire

    My guilty pleasure, I know it’s kind of a children’s movie but still, I can’t get tired of it. It’s funny and I love the scene when Robin Williams is trying on all those different masks to find the perfect Mrs. Doubtfire. This 90’s movie can lift your mood in two seconds.

    Mrs Doubtfire – 1993 – Chris Colombus
  5. Sister Act, and Sister Act two

    No list of 90’s movies are complete without a Whoopie Goldberg film in it. “Sister Act” movies are like fireworks, it always ends up with a magnificent final scene that makes you wanna dance. The music and all the “feel good” vibes that goes with it enlighten your mood every time.

    Sister Act
    Sister Act – 1992 – Emile Ardolino

So now ladies, get your most beautiful blankets and mugs and let the nostalgia carry you away.
If by any means your cuddling kit is not optimum, you will find a selection of objects to upgrade your cold Sunday afternoon in “Comfy in your sweat pants” kind of week



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