November 21, 2016

Comfy-in-Your-Sweat-Pants Kind of Week

For that last week of November, I wanted to share some of the most comfy things I came across.
With the temperature going down and December getting closer and closer I thought it would be appropriate.
November has always felt to me like the awfulest month of the year.
When I was in school, it was the only month where there was nothing happening. No birthdays, no holiday (we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Switzerland) and to top that, foggy weather like in a horror movie. Kind of a gloomy month to say the less.
That eventually changed, and I came to learn how to like November. Now, what I cherish the most about it is actually that bad weather. It gives you the right to stay at home to watch a movie or read a book without feeling guilty.

Here is my survival kit to make the most of that peaceful time before Christmas craziness

A selection of comfy items to hang out at home

1. 100% Merino Wool Coasters

I know it won’t keep you warm but it will keep your cup warm and that counts. I found those while browsing etsy you can buy it from the Dundry Hill etsy shop

2. That Comfy Commune Shearling Chair

It can’t get cozier than that. Found it on West Elm Cosy Shearling Chair.

3. Diamanta Throw

It’s handwoven in Peru and made of baby alpaca. Its beautiful diamond pattern makes it only more desirable. I found it on the Citizenry – Diamant Throw  other colors are available.

4. Comfy Fleece Sweat Pants by Out From Under

I actually own those, and Lord they are the best sweat pants I have had in my entire life. They are from Out From Under – Cozy Fleece Jogger Pant and you can find it at Urban Outfitters

5. J-Crew Authentic Camp Socks

You can never be warm if your feet are cold so it was obvious for me to end up that weekly gems with a pair of J-Crew Authentic Camp Sock, even the name sounds cozy.

The only thing missing now, is a good list of movies to enjoy all those comfy products, just head to 5 comforting 90’s movies and you’ll be all set.


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