October 12, 2020

11 Best Headboard Ideas to Elevate Your Bedroom

Finding a bed with a beautiful headboard can be a tough quest. Whether it’s the color, the fabric, the price, the style of the headboard, there is always something wrong. Often people prefer to buy a bed without a headboard to avoid this kind of headache. But that’s a shame really because a headboard can make such a great addition to a bedroom. Indeed, a headboard helps to define the sleeping area from the rest of the room. It is also a way of elevating the bedroom, making it look more finished. Hopefully, there are thousands of ways of creating a headboard. And it doesn’t necessarily include finding a bed with a good headboard.

I came across so many different headboard ideas that I’ve put together a list of the 11 best ones I’ve found so far.

Headboard ideas DIY

During my researches, I found two types of headboards the ones that are doable on your own and the ones that require maybe a little more know-how. So let’s start with the DIY headboards first.

1. Painted headboard

An easy and inexpensive idea is to simply paint your headboard yourself. It’s perfect for those who are looking for “no headboard ideas” as you are just creating the illusion of a headboard. Plus, there are a million possibilities in just this one idea. You can really define the shape of your headboard or paint half of the entire wall, faking a sort of wall-to-wall headboard. The sky is the limit with this one. Here are few headboard painting ideas:

2. A wallpapered headboard

Also, a “no headboard” idea, putting wallpaper on the wall is a great way to define a headboard. There are so many different kinds of wallpaper that you will be spoilt for choice. Check out my 4 favorite wallpaper e-shops. You can decide to make the whole wall or only a specific width, it really depends on the layout of your room.

3. Floating headboards

A floating headboard is also a nice way to dress up the sleeping area. You can either make it yourself just like in the second picture (brilliant DIY). Or buy one like the very Art-déco one coming from the very well-designed Hôtel Panache in Paris.

4. Layered headboards

And by layered, I mean combining these ideas with a bed that includes a headboard already or simply combining paint and wallpaper or all three. Look at the picture below, it’s simply gorgeous.

5. Hanging headboards

A rather artistic way to create a headboard is to hang a beautiful patterned rug, pretty Japanese blinds, or simply a long cushion. Whatever you choose, it will personalize your sleeping space in the blink of an eye.

Useful resource: Here is how to hang a rug on a wall.

6. Repurposed doors or window frames as headboards

If you are a flea market enthusiast, this idea will surely speak to you. A nice way to add a touch of antiques in a modern apartment. And it’s as simple as it gets in terms of doing it.

7. linen-covered headboards

The solution I am considering for my bed. Cover an already existing headboard with linen. And if you don’t have a pre-existing headboard, it’s not difficult to make one to the right size and slide it behind your bed.
Useful resource: My favorite hack to cover a headboard with fabric

8. A headboard canopy style

A nice way to create a cozy little cocoon. Use a sheet or a tapestry as a canopy. It creates a kind of improved headboard.

9. A folding screen serving as a headboard

I like the idea of having different panels, it’s very simple but it’s very chic. You can find folding screens in flea markets with all kinds of patterns and textures. A real added value.

picture credit

Non-DIY Headboard ideas

Most of the ideas in this article are quite doable on your own, but there are two ideas that I love but are more difficult to execute and may require a professional.

10. Upholstered headboards

For a more chic look, creating a beautifully upholstered headboard is definitely one of my favorite solutions. The only problem is that it is certainly not an easy task and unless you know what you are doing, you will probably have to call a pro but what a result! (That being said, behind picture number two is hiding a cool DIY)

11. Wooden, wall to wall, headboards

The wall-to-wall headboard creates an impression of grandeur and lengthens the room. It can also often be integrated with a shelf, lights, and bedside tables which makes it incredibly functional. It often has to be custom-made, so you will probably need a professional.


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