October 12, 2020

11 Headboard Ideas to Elevate Your Bedroom

Finding a bed with a beautiful headboard can be a tough quest. Whether it’s the color, the fabric, the price, the style of the headboard, there is always something wrong. Often people prefer to only buy a bed without a headboard to avoid this kind of headache. But that’s a shame really because a headboard can make such a great addition to a bedroom. Indeed, a headboard helps to define the sleeping area from the rest of the room. It is also a way of elevating the bedroom, making it look more finished. Hopefully, there are thousands of ways of creating a headboard. And it doesn’t necessarily include finding a bed with a good headboard.

I came across so many different ways to create a headboard that I’ve put together the 11 best ideas I found. So, here is a collection of all the headboard ideas that I have found particularly appealing.

1.Painted headboard

An easy and costless idea is to simply paint your headboard. There are a million possibilities in just this one idea. You could really define the shape of the headboard or paint half of the entire wall, faking a sort of wall-to-wall headboard. I’ve also seen people painting half of an ellipse as a headboard. The sky is the limit.

2.A wallpapered headboard

Putting wallpaper on the wall is also a great way to define a headboard. There are so many different kinds of wallpaper that you will be spoilt for choice. Check out my 4 favorite wallpaper e-shops. You can decide to make the whole wall or only a specific width, it really depends on the layout of your room.

3.Layered headboards

And by layered, I mean combining these ideas with a bed that includes a headboard already or simply combining paint and wallpaper or all three. Look at the picture below, it’s simply gorgeous.

4.Floating headboards

A floating headboard is also a nice way to dress up the sleeping area. You can either make it yourself just like on the second picture (click the link under the picture for a brilliant DIY). Or buy one like the very Art-déco one coming from the vers well-designed Hôtel Panache in Paris.

5.Hanging headboards

A rather artistic way to create a headboard. You can hang a beautiful patterned rug, pretty Japanese blinds, or simply a long cushion. Whatever you choose, it will personalize your sleeping space in the blink of an eye.

6.Repurposed doors or window frames as headboards

If you are a flea market enthusiast, this idea will surely speak to you. A nice way to add a touch of antique in a modern apartment.

7.Upholstered headboards

For a more chic look, creating a beautiful upholstered headboard is definitely one of my favorite solutions. The only problem is that it is certainly not an easy task and unless you are a handyman, you will probably have to call a pro but what a result! (That being said, behind picture number two there is a brilliant DIY)

8.Linen-covered headboards

The solution I am considering for my bed. Cover an already existing headboard with linen. And if you don’t have a pre-existing headboard, it’s not difficult to make one to the right size and slide it behind your bed.

9.A headboard canopy style

A nice way to create a cozy little cocoon. Use a sheet or a tapestry as a canopy.It creates a kind of improved headboard.

10.A folding screen serving as a headboard

I like the idea of having different panels, it’s very simple but it’s very chic. You can find folding screens in flea markets with all kinds of patterns and textures. A real added value.

picture credit

11.Wall-to-wall headboards

And last but not least, the wall-to-wall headboard. It creates an impression of grandeur and lengthens the room. It can also often be integrated with a shelf, lights, and bedside tables.


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