June 8, 2020

4 Scandinavian Wallpaper Brands Ideal to Start off Smoothly

Wallpapering your home can be a little intimidating. The first idea that comes to people’s minds is often a bunch of bright colors and weirdly patterned designs. That’s why many people are often afraid of decorating with wallpaper. “What if it doesn’t fit with the rest of my decor?” “What if I get tired of it?” It seems too great of a risk to take the plunge. However, when they see a room well decorated with nice wallpaper, they can’t help but appreciate it and notice the personality it adds to the room. That’s why starting with softer patterns can be a good starting point and Scandinavian wallpapers are great at soft.

Nordic wallpapers, a smooth start into the world of wallpapers

Scandinavia is well-known for its design companies and home living art. Brands such as Muuto, Ferm Living, Menu, Hay are famous all over the world for their minimal and clean design. But few people are familiar with the nordic wallpaper tradition. Yet, Scandinavia has a long history of wallpaper manufacture, and it continues to this day.

The great thing about nordic wallpaper designs is that they come in softer colors and offer subtler options. They could be compared to limewash paint in terms of tones. This makes them ideal for those who just want to start decorating with wallpaper. Yet, it doesn’t mean that you won’t find wallpapers with character and interesting patterns. On the contrary! They will only be a little softer and quieter than British or French wallpapers for instance.
If you want to start decorating with wallpaper but are not a fan of bold and complicated patterns, then Scandinavian wallpapers are a good alternative. Check out these 4 websites as they offer more low-key but still very well-designed options. What I love the most about them are their timeless feel and muted tones.

Timeless Scandinavian wallpaper: Sandberg Wallpaper

A really good mix of modern and classic Scandinavian wallpaper. Which makes almost all their design timeless.

+ My personal favorite


From: Sweden
To: Worldwide

Here is a selection of my favorite wallpapers from The Sanberg collection. I’ve put the last one in my entryway and it changed everything (check it out here) Click to enlarge the picture

The widest wallpaper range: Boråstapeter

Probably the biggest of the four brands, Boråstapeter has a very wide range of Scandinavian wallpapers each one available in various colors which is very pleasant.

+ Their large range of nature-oriented wallpaper


From: Sweden
To: Worldwide

Here is a selection of my favorite wallpapers from Borastapeter.
Click to enlarge the picture

Classic and eclectic wallpapers : Engblade & Co

An exciting assortment of classic and eclectic wallpapers that are part of shaping the most stylish interior trends of today, and tomorrow.

+ Their mix metallic collection, subtle and beautiful


From: Sweden
To: Worldwide

Here is a selection of my favorite wallpapers from Engblade & Co.
Click to enlarge the picture

One of a kind design: Ulricehamns tapet fabrik

The newest and probably smallest of the four brands, they have very unique wallpapers made by incredibly talented designers. Their designs are a bit bolder but so attractive.

+ Their very cool design is totally on point


From: Sweden
To: not said

Here is a selection of my favorite wallpapers from Ulricehamns.
Click to enlarge the picture

picture credit: above on the left by @karinjstudio down on the left by Elin Sofia.

All pictures belong to the brand they are associated with unless stated otherwise.

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decorating with wallpaper 4 Scandinavian brands to start off smoothly

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