November 16, 2020

Where to Find a Brass Candle Sconce

There is no better way to create a special atmosphere than candlelight. Especially in winter when you want warmth and coziness. With candle sconces, the idea is to take inspiration from the use of candles in the past and mix it with our modern way of life.

Candle sconces can really add a touch of originality and authenticity to a hallway wall, a small, poorly exploited corner, or in a kitchen. There are really a thousand and one places to add one. You just have to make sure that the area is safe and that nothing can catch fire around it. Try to consider it when you want to decorate a blank wall or when you are trying to build a gallery wall. It’s a great decor item that can add a lot of character.

For some time now, there has been a resurgence of candle sconces. This is probably due to the fact that the slow living movement is more and more popular all over the world. And this is not to displease us. Here is my selection of the best pieces found on the internet.

P.S. The brass candle sconce featured in the pictures below is from H&M home.

Modern candle sconce

If you’re seeking a more modern, Scandinavian-inspired look, here are some sleek candle sconces.

(links are below the pictures, in order of appearance from left to right and from top to bottom)

1. Frederik roijé – Wall of flame chandelier on Connox
2. Glim mirror/candlestick oval, on Nordic Nest
3. Flambeau Wall Candle Holder
4. Clip Wall Candle Holder by Audo
5. Metal Sconce by H&M Home
6. Sleek Metal Sconce by H&M Home

Antique and rustic brass wall candle sconce

Since this object is resolutely from another time, you will find a multitude of alternatives at the flea market, at antique dealers or online. Buying an object with a story can bring that little something extra to your home. Moreover, it is often unique pieces that you will be the only one to possess.

I often find Etsy to be the perfect place to find these kind of antique and vintage wall candle sconce along with some handmade rustic ones. Here is a selection of a few pieces I find simply gorgeous at the moment:
Please note: since some of these pieces are unique, they will not always be available. Seize the opportunity when you can.

1. Shell Brass Candle Wall Scone
2. Brass Wall Sconce Candle Holder
3. Mid-Century Brass Swedish Sconces
4. Scandinavian round vintage wall candle sconce in solid brass
5. Set of 2. Moroccan Oval brass Gold Leaf Candlestick Holder Wall Sconce
6. Brass candle sconce by H&M Home The one I picked for my entryway.
7. Brass Wall Sconce by Anthropology

here are a few of my favorite Etsy shops that often add new “vintage brass candle sconces” finds to their shops :

Noah Ancienne

Suite Meadow

Scandinavian Finds

Oldish Design


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