November 23, 2020

The Christmas Gift Guide 2020: Living the High Life at Home (Swiss Small Shops only)

This year 2020 will have been difficult, to say the least… Between the confinement, the closing of stores and restaurants for more than a third of the year, many small businesses will have had to redouble their efforts to stay afloat. With this in mind, I wanted to help out by creating a Christmas gift guide with gifts from small swiss companies only (as I’m swiss). I found all kinds of gems during my online researches. So I selected a few and put them together under a theme that seemed appropriate for this weird year: “Living the high life at home“. My idea is to bring a little bit of luxury and chic to the homes of your loved ones. I hope you’ll find some inspiring gift ideas in there!

If you need more inspiration, you can still check out previous years’ gift guides as there are still some valuable finds in there.

  1. Ripple saucer – Caillou shop || CHF 45 ||
  2. LVX Geneva Dry Gin || CHF 49 ||
  3. Washed Velvet Sofa Cover Caravane – ICI store ||CHF 236||
  4. Gimber (organic ginger concentrate) – ICI store ||CHF 19.90||
  5. Bathrobe Giant Willow vert – La 5è ||CHF 120||
  6. Geneva Candle Lime, musk and cedarwood – 8&18 ||CHF 40||
  7. The Monocle Book of Japan – Payot ||CHF 75||
  8. Organic Handcream Palmarosa & vetiver – Archipel store ||CHF 23||
  9. Wireless Table Lamp Flower Pot – Chic Cham ||CHF 173||
  10. Bordeaux Baby Alpaca Throws 200cm – Zig Zag Zurich ||199||
  11. Room Spray Teakwood & Tobacco – Norkind || CHF 34||
  12. Soap Set, winter edition – Collab Zurich ||CHF 24||
  13. Bougie parfumée Atelier de Balthus – Chic Cham ||CHF 75||
  14. Decorative Cushion Curry – Kaaos || CHF 55.50||


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