January 25, 2019

These Contemporary Rugs as Wall Hangings Make a Strong Case for Ditching your Gallery Wall

Finding the right art piece for a wall can be a tricky task. It’s probably why gallery walls work so well because they remove the pressure of having to find that one art piece. But gallery walls can start to feel like deja-vu. It seems like we all have the same ones making things a bit depersonalized. I wrote about ways to build a gallery wall that feels more authentic a while back. But I wanted to dig deeper this time and find that one wall art idea that will make a statement and instantly add character to a room. And I think I found what I was looking for.

Rugs as wall hangings

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In western countries, we put rugs on the floor to make the room comfier, to absorb the noise or to define a part of a room. But when you think about it, putting them on the walls can have the same effects. It’s common to find rugs as wall hangings in the near and middle east, they have been doing it for ages. Over there, rugs have always been seen as pieces of art. Possessing Persian rugs meant you were someone healthy and important. So it’s only natural that they hanged it as art rather than laying it on the floor.

Some rugs can take ages to make. Some are plain some have very complicated patterns or drawings that could easily compete with an artist’s work. Overall they can be considered as another kind of art.
They also have many advantages in terms of home decor:

Adding texture to a wall

A rug is by definition more texturized than a picture. There are many kinds of rugs some are more prominent than others but they will surely all add texture to a wall. In the end, it’s a great way to dress up a wall giving it relief and dimension.


Creating a cozy feeling

Using a rug on a wall can also add coziness to a room. Since rugs are made out of materials such as wool, cotton, silk, jute etc… they are a good way to warm things up.


Making a statement

You don’t see rugs hanged in every home. So far the home I’ve visited that had rugs hanged on walls had all this one thing in common: a lot of character. It might not have been the best-decorated home, nor the trendiest but they all had a recognizable identity. And isn’t it the most important thing in the end? You don’t want to live in a home that looks exactly the same as your neighbor’s. You want to live in a home that fits you and that shows your personality.


Woven art wall pieces

As much as I like a good old Persian rug on the floor, I don’t feel like having it on my walls. It’s too bold for me. So when I found out about Christabel Balfour beautiful weaving tapestries I was amazed. Her pieces are truly one of kind. She explores geometric forms, colors, and texture through weaving and does it masterfully.

The come back of quilts

While I was looking for some beautiful hanged rugs I stumbled upon Louise Grey contemporary quilts. Quilts were certainly not on my wishlist but those from Louise Gray are making a strong case for their kind. Their minimalist look, their geometrical forms, and muted tones completely swept me away. Plus in a stroke of genius, Louise Gray created a throw quilt hanger in order to make the whole hanging process looking sleeker.

I hope I have convinced you that hanging rugs on the wall can be a very good way to add some personality to your home and that it doesn’t have to feel outdated.


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