February 15, 2021

Where to Find Custom Legs for Your IKEA Furniture

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Hacking IKEA furniture has almost become a discipline for some people. You can find all sorts of IKEA hack out there. I myself wrote about a few I tried such as staining my IVAR cabinet or hacking my IKEA sofa.
A good and easy way to update your IKEA furniture though is to simply switch or add legs to it. This simple fact can totally change the look of your furniture.

So let’s see where to find legs for your IKEA furniture!

In recent years, we have seen the creation of many companies that specialize in customizing IKEA furniture. These retailers seized the opportunity at a time when the IKEA hack was still in its early stages. And we don’t mind, because these brands make life even easier when it comes to pimping our IKEA furniture! So if you are looking for beautiful legs for your IVAR cabinet or your BESTA chest of drawers, here is a collection of the best sites where you can find some great options:

4 of my favorite online stores for buying furniture legs

Greta 170 furniture leg by Pretty pegs

Best Etsy Shops for furniture legs

Well as much as I love the four websites above, Sometimes I need something more affordable or a little bit more original, and for that type of research, I find that the Etsy marketplace always have the best options. So here are my favorite Etsy shops for furniture legs in no particular order:

Prop Options

Simple and effective, you’ll find all sorts of style here at an affordable price.

IVA Decor Studio
Sleek lines, very chic and high-end legs for your furniture.

Be Wow Design
The best choice for wooden legs with a touch of brass that provide a mid-century feel!

Heritage Components
English class, quality and rigor are the hallmarks of this store.

Home Suppliers
A very wide range of feet, including acrylic options.

Jasmine Home Hardwares
Very original and high quality products (also check out their handles, very nice).

MG Wood Dekoration
If you are looking for amazing wooden lathe feets for your IKEA sofa, look no further!

POD Color
As its name suggests, this shop specializes in very simple and sturdy wooden legs available in all sorts of colors.

AJK Design Sweden
Elegant, modern Swedish design, beautiful wooden legs.

Round Furniture Legs In Solid Woods by AJK Design Sweden

How to choose legs for your IKEA furniture

If you are hesitating between this or that type of legs, here are a few quick tips to make your mind up:

  • Ask yourself what do you dislike about the original ones. Is it the color, the material they are made of, their height? These questions will help you narrow down your options and choose more easily.
  • What style are you aiming for? If you are looking to add some chic to your IKEA furniture, opt for metal legs such as this one or this one. If you are going for a more minimalist/Scandinavian look, light wooden legs would probably be a better fit.
  • Observe the already existing hardware you might have in the room, and take into account the color and style of the IKEA furniture you want to pimp. For example, if you are looking to update the legs of your kitchen table you might want to make sure that they go well with your kitchen cabinet’s handles.
  • Consider the heaviness of your furniture. Favor solid legs with more support for a heavier piece of furniture. You wouldn’t want it to make marks on your parquet or floor. The wider the tip of the leg, the better the weight is distributed.

A note on installing your customized legs on your IKEA furniture

If you are looking to add legs on cabinets such as the IVAR, make sure that once you’ve installed the legs, the cabinet is steady as you wouldn’t want it to fall down. It is always a good idea to screw furniture to the wall so that there is no risk of accidents.

Legs for your IKEA furniture -pretty pegs
Terence wooden furniture leg by BEMZ

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