February 8, 2021

A Simple Trick to Turn IKEA Fado Lamp into the Chicest Lighting

In a home, there are few things that are as important as lighting. And good lighting generally comes with a high price tag. Of course, you can always find cheaper alternatives in big department stores but often it’s going to show. Because a good lighting fixture is all about design and finitions and these are often overlooked when you buy cheaper alternatives. But this can be bypassed with this very very simple IKEA hack.

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IKEA Fado lamp the Flos way

We all have in mind those white globe lights mixed with brass by Flos. They are so popular because they look high-end and give off a soft light perfect for creating a warm atmosphere. However, they have a certain price and are therefore not accessible to everyone. In the end, what makes these lamps so special is the mix of this white globe with brass.

As it happens, IKEA makes a very elegant globe light called the Fado lamp. However, its feet are made of white plastic that instantly downgrades it. (see below)

Ikea Fado lamp on marble table

A Simple trick

It was while looking for a soft light table lamp for my living room that I came across this brilliant IKEA hack and knew it was made for me. Quick and easy, this trick would bring this simple IKEA lamp into a fancy lamp for a fraction of the cost. The idea is just to put the lamp on a brass saucer. I used the Large Hay brass family saucer. As its base is a little larger than the IKEA Fado lamp, it just gives it a little space to breathe. Have a look below. Unfortunately, it’s been discontinued and is so hard to find. So here is a similar option :

Large saucer for metal pot holder CHF 13.95 – by H&M home

Solid Brass Plate €25

Brass Saucer by Skagerak CHF 61


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