January 28, 2019

This Stunning Swedish Apartment Will Make you Want a Golden Bathtub

I rarely come across places where I would like to just drop my luggage and start a life. But this apartment located in Stockholm is totally one of the few. Everything about it seems right. it’s the right amount of old and new furniture, the right amount of colors, the right amount of bold pieces, and can we talk about this golden bathtub? If that’s the kind of apartment you find on Swedish real-estate websites I’ll move right away. There surely is something between Nordic people and home design. The reason might be in their hygge philosophy but they have understood something that we haven’t. Anyway, this apartment has been perfectly decorated and made very functional. Let’s have a closer look.

A simple and clean entryway

The entryway is a pretty big space that is perfectly adequate to have a big closet. I like how they use curtains to hide the inside of the closet. it makes the room feel cozier and less like an entry. The eye is immediately caught by the rounded table throning in the middle of the room. The table also follow the lines of the curtains which makes the whole very harmonious.

A luminous master bedroom

The master bedroom must have been tricky to furnish since it has 3 openings. (check out the plan above). One door from the hallway, one from the kid’s bedroom and sliding doors that lead to the living room. So this doesn’t let a lot of space for furniture. Yet, they managed to fit in the essentials and make it look very luminous and airy.

One of my favorite feature of the master bedroom is the curtains. Not because they are especially fancy but for the clever way they placed them. The curtains take the entire wall even though the window is not. It’s a good trick to make a room feel cozier and to avoid eating daylight when the curtains are opened.

Open wardrobe in the kid’s room

The kid’s room is also a very luminous and uses the same trick for the curtains. But what I like about it the most is the open wardrobe. I found this a really cute way to display all the little clothes and toys. Because, is there anything cuter than kids clothes really?

A detailed-oriented kitchen

Probably my favorite part of the apartment, every detail has been thought of to make it functional and beautiful. From the backsplash surrounded by this beautiful wooden edging to the golden hardware, everything is coherent and aesthetic. I have a soft spot for the pendent lights above the counter.

Cozy and functional living room

The living room is in between the kitchen and the master bedroom. It’s the perfect transition to lead you from the night part of the apartment to the day part. The space is not huge but masterfully arranged. They’ve managed to clear the path to the kitchen while still maintaining a feeling of coziness. The art on the wall is a key ingredient. Using a rug as wall-hangings, for example, participate in creating this cushy feeling. The string shelving system works beautifully with the butterfly chair. The little nook by the window is also a nice addition to this not-so-big space.

Golden bathtub for the bathroom

Last but not least, the bathroom. This room should have been the main weakness of this apartment, because of its small size. But by adding this golden bathtub they’ve changed it into a strength! Who wouldn’t want to take a bath in there? It’s the crowning jewel of the apartment. Plus the tiles are to die for. They complement the golden bathtub to perfection.

All in all a very functional and masterfully-decorated apartment. Feel free to let me know what you think below.

Picture credit : Alvhem


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