February 4, 2019

9 Chic-to-Death Smoked Glass Items That Will elevate Your Interior

There is something about smoked glass that elevates the decor. It instantly transports you to a new ambiance. The kind that would make you sip cocktails in good company, with some jazzy music playing in the background. It brings intimacy and adds coziness to a home.

Cozy & chic atmosphere

It’s not the kind of cozy that you’ll find in the hygge philosophy. Simply because there is an undeniably chic perception to it that the hygge philosophy doesn’t really evocate. Anyways, smoked glass is surely a safe bet when you want to add a touch of chic even more if it’s paired with brass. I started to really notice its return when I saw that Menu edited a new version of their famous bottle carafe (see below n°7). After that, I started to see it everywhere to my delight. So I’ve rounded up all my favorite smoked glass items for the home in no particular order.

  1. Table Lamp by House Doctor|| €196 ||Smoked glass is perfect for a table lamp because of its dimming effects. It allows creating a cozy ambiance. Check out also this IKEA table lamp made of it.
  2. Glass vase by Blooming Ville|| CHF 73 || A vase made of colored glass can make a good statement on any dining table or side table.
  3. Lyyli medium box by Katriina Nuutinen|| CHF 256 || I’m in love with these handcrafted little decorative boxes. They look like jewels and can instantly upgrade any vanity.
  4. Rounded Mirror by AYTM || CHF 325 || A smoked mirror is a very strong piece in any room. It adds a sort of fatal look, so chic.
  5. Rattan and Smoked Glass Bar Cart – vintage || $ 689 || This vintage trolley bar cart is one of a kind, a piece you’ll keep for life.
  6. Marlo Side table by West Elm|| $ 349 || Handmade, this side table is a true gem.
  7. Bottle Carafe by Hay|| CHF 53 || Imagine this carafe on your bedside or on your open shelves in the kitchen, it would surely be an eye-catcher.
  8. Bowl with lid by Lyngby Porcelain || €55 29 || I love little glass boxes, I think they make excellent decoration items and this one is no exception.
  9. Glass Container by Hay|| 28€ || I happen to have one of these from Hay and let me tell you that it looks even better in person.

Cover picture: Michele Varian


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