February 12, 2018

5 Vintage and Antique E-shops Interior Designers Swear By

Updated on June the 27th 2019

Charles and Ray Eames, Le Corbusier, Hans-Agne Jakobsson, Hans J. Wegner and so on, are names we have all heard before and for a good reason. They are the creative minds behind iconic furniture pieces. We qualify them as vintage and antique nowadays. They are not easy to come by. Often imitated while remaining unmatched, finding one of these is a real hunting game.

Vintage and antique e-shops that do the heavy lifting for you

As much as I find that kind of hunt amusing, I don’t have the time, patience and knowledge to really put what it takes into it. But other people do! People that are passionate about design and its history. To the delight of us all, a few of them built great websites where we can look for this rare piece we’ve been longing for. So here is the list of 4 e-shops with an amazing selection of vintage and antique furniture from iconic designers.

1. Pamono: The experts in vintage design

Pamono has almost everything you could wish for, their selection is pretty gigantic. Hopefully, they make articles and collections under certain thematic to help us see more clearly amongst their offer.

+ The super qualified team behind it.

From: Germany
To: Europe and USA

2. Everclassic.com: Scandinavian vintage at its best

Everclassic.com is the place you wanna visit when in search of a particular Scandinavian design furniture piece. Their selection is amazing, you’ll find every famous designer from Arne Jacobsen to Hans Wegner. So don’t hesitate if you are in search of a particular Scandinavian piece, check it out.

+ Their ceramics and stoneware which is absolutely amazing but slightly out of budget 😉

From: Denmark (multiple sellers)
To: worldwide (most of the time but depending on the sellers)

3. Selency: The online Flea market

Selency is where you go when you want to wander in a flea market but don’t physically have access to one. The platform helps you directly get in touch with tons of antique and vintage dealer as well as private individuals.

+You can find vintage designer pieces but also vintage pieces that are not necessarily from famous designers. So it’s possible to buy unique finds and not getting bankrupt at the same time.

From: where the seller is (France)
To: depending on the seller

4. Ceraudo: The Gem Finder

My personal favorite, I absolutely love Ceraudo’s selection. You can feel the personality of the Ceraudo’s creators through their finds. Go there when you don’t exactly know what you are looking for, you’ll feel very inspired. Every piece is displayed in a way that makes it possible for you to see its potential.

+ Their amazing handpicked selection.

From: UK
To: UK

5. Design Market

Specialized in designers from the 20th century, Design market has a very wide selection of vintage furniture, one of the biggest in Europe. All their pieces are authenticated by experts.

+ The very wide selection and the subcategories divided by style or period makes it very easy to browse their website.

From: Depending on the seller
To: Worldwide

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The very best and vintage and antique e-shops

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