August 17, 2020

This One Budget-Friendly Trick Will Make your Home More Authentic Every Time

When I stumbled upon this beautiful home a few weeks ago, it felt like I had uncovered a real authentic home. I can count the number of times when a home felt so timeless and so effortlessly cool to me. This gem of a house actually belonged to the founders of Swedish store Artilleriet, Christian, and Björn. Their store offers an incredible selection of interior design brands such as Hay, Serge Mouille, Tom Dixon, and many more. But what strikes me about this house is that, contrary to what one might think, their interiors are not only furnished with these high-end brands.

Second-hand furniture for an authentic home

Indeed, when you have a closer look at the pictures, you realize that a lot of the furniture is vintage, second-hand, or probably from a flea market. So why would ever someone who has access to so much designer furniture buys second hand? Vintage furniture and decor items, have a certain patina and therefore a sort of timeless elegance that you won’t find in new furniture. If you think about it, it’s the same for old towns v.s. brand new district. In central Paris, You can feel the history emanating from the buildings in the streets, but it’s not gonna be the same in a new neighborhood. It takes time to get that sort of patina on things. You surely can fake it but it will never be the exact same thing because you’ll know it.

Authentic home by Artilleriet living room rattan chair
Beni-ouarain rugs are also a great way to add an authentic feel to a room as they are made of natural fabric and handmade.

The good news is that vintage furniture is accessible to almost anyone nowadays. There are also many benefits to buying second-hand. It’s often cheaper, more sustainable, unique, and, made out of quality material.
Scoring second-hand furniture can be done in a few possible ways:

Roam your local flea market

Every town has a sort of flea market where you can buy antiques, so don’t be shy and check out your local flea market. You might find exactly what you are looking for there. It’s not always fruitful but it is a fun activity to do. Also if you are a bit unsure of what and how to buy at a flea market, I share my tips to score the best vintage pieces here.

pigeon by farrow and ball artilliert kitchen
Worn wood elements such as the vintage stools and the kitchen island add so much warmth and liveliness to this scene.

Bring souvenir back from your trip abroad

This one is a bit of a long shot but that’s a thing I like to do when I go abroad. I try to shop the vintage pieces that are very common in the area I am in. For example, in France, I always look for small wooden stool or bench. In Italy, I look for coffee grinders and copper utensils because you’ll get them for a fraction of the price.

Authentic home by Artilleriet dining room details
Buying art from your local artists or from friends helps also a lot to personalize the space thus making it more authentic.

Repurpose heirloom family furniture

Repurposing your own family heirloom furniture is a really good way to create an authentic home. Because there is nothing more authentic than old furniture that belonged to your own family. You will always cherish those pieces. Of course, the idea is not to force yourself liking that giant wardrobe that belonged to your great aunt. But make sure that you’ve considered every possible scenario before donating it. Sometimes just painting a piece in a more modern color could give it new momentum.

Authentic home by Artilleriet swedish heating stove
The display cabinet is vintage as is the antique Swedish tile stove.

Shop online on specialized websites

Vintage and antiques are pretty trendy right now so you won’t have trouble finding second-hand furniture online. But make sure that it’s a real vintage furniture and not some crap. Find out about my favorite go-to vintage e-shops here.

dining room thonet chairs vintage
Vintage chairs + dining table found on a french flea market
Authentic home by Artilleriet living room side table
A well-balanced mix of vintage items, nature finds and design elements (such as this beautiful Atollo lamp) displayed on Artilleriet table.
Authentic home by Artilleriet kitchen island
kitchen black gas stove
kitchen metro tiles details
Artilleriet hallway
Also painting your walls in earthy color tones just like this pigeon color from Farrow & Ball is a good way to make it timeless
Authentic home by Artilleriet bedroom serge mouille lamp
Linen bed sheets are also a nice touch and add a lived-in sort of feel.
bedside old painting
open wardrobe
bench with shaker peg rail
home office desk with pipistrello lamp
black and white bathroom with vintage sideboard
The addition of plants also helps to make every room more lively.
black tiles wooden stool
the contrast of the dark tiles and the wooden bench add more authenticity to this bathroom.
rounded mirror in a hallway

Picture credi: Kristofer Johnsson Styling: Lotta Agaton
Appeared on Residence Magazine


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