February 5, 2018

7 Past Trends You’ll Want To Bring Back Into Your Life

7 Past Trends You’ll Want To Bring Back Into Your Life

You may have noticed that past trends have this tendency to come back. It becomes really obvious when you look at fashion and how fashion trends have been “recycled” throughout the ages. Crop tops, choker, velvet are all trends that were once in the spotlight and here there are again. That fact is not only valid for fashion but for every other creative area, such as architecture, home decor, art and so on… The beauty, in this, is that these trends do come back but always with a twist. A little something that makes them slightly different from the last time they were on point.
So, let’s have a closer look at these old trends that are coming back. Which one would you embrace?

Old But New Trends

  1. The Brown Color
    Brown is making a huge comeback as seen in many fashion shows. It’s not the easiest of colors but can bring warmth and a natural feel.
  2. The Scrunchy
    I know this one is hard to embrace… But I have to say that the idea of making a Scrunchy out of some “carré Hermès” is pretty creative and, well, feels kind of cool. Check out Comfort object.
  3. Old But New Luminaire
    Vintage luminaires are very popular today. They are a great part of a room’s decor thanks to their spectacular appearance.
  4. Old School Objects
    A lot of objects from the past that were once forgotten tend to make a comeback. For example all the cocktail utensils or old paper goods.
  5. Velvet Everywhere
    This is not a breaking news, but velvet is not going anywhere and it’s even spreading to every aspect of our lives.
  6. Hand-Drawn Art
    Hand-drawn art seems to have a resurgence of interest these days. We are looking for the imperfect lines typical of handmade work.
  7. Hotel Decor From The Past
    This might have started with the famous Wes Anderson movie but new trendy hotels are looking a lot like in the past. Take a look at the Hoxton in Paris and Hôtel Les Roches Rouges in southern France.


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