January 29, 2018

10 Things to Add a Coastal Living Touch to Your Interior

10 Things to Add a Coastal Living Touch to Your Interior

I’ve always been fascinated by coastal living, especially in the north. I like the kind of moody feeling the landscape induces. Abrupt cliffs, huge waves crashing onto it, and almost no plant growing there. Doesn’t seem very friendly at first but it’s only a facade. When you watch more closely, you discover a world of beautifully authentic and welcoming territories. I relate to this northern coastal living aesthetic. It’s full of character and strength.


Coastal living adapted to home decor

So how do you translate it in terms of home decor? Using a majority of natural materials like washed woods, stone, handmade ceramics is a good start. White walls are also highly “coastal friendly” as well as natural fabrics like linen, lambswool or sheepskin. On the other hand be careful of not overdoing it in the accessories department. Indigo items such as cushions or dishes with an occasional seaside symbolic item will be more than enough to stay on theme. I searched the web for those rare objects that are not too attached to the marine universe but still that evoke long walk on northern beaches.

Rest assured that each of these finds is made of high-quality products and designed by very talented artisans or designers.

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10 things to add a little coastal living vibe to your home

  1. Sac Marin Leather Cognac – Marin et Marine. || €220 || It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Marin et Marine’s bag (read the interview here) and this cognac version is really saying coastal living to me.
  2. Art print by Silke Bonde. || €89 || Do not neglect the wall art when you try to create an ambiance. This one by Silke Bonde is the right amount of coastal.
  3. Sea Scouts Key Tag – Three Potato Four. || $8 || This brand is all about handpicked vintage items that they recreate. I couldn’t imagine a better key tag to my future seaside cottage.
  4. Armchair Croisette XL – Honoré. || CHF 1363 || Probably the less northern item from this list, but such a gem and fitting the coastal living vibe.
  5. Candle santal 26  – Le Labo. ||$65|| The used of old tin adds a recycling look which fits this coastal theme. Not to mention that every scent by Le Labo is a masterpiece and the candle is 100% soy vegetable wax.
  6. Marine ceramic board – BVSK. || €30 || This polish brand makes the most beautiful ceramic cutting board I’ve seen so far. The perfect item to display in a kitchen.
  7. Sand Cup and Rest – The Future kept. || £39 || This is exactly the kind of cup that feels like it’s been made for the coastal lifestyle. From the future kept’s online shop, read my review here.
  8. Ellipse dish midnight blue – Stilleben. || €87 || Handmade dishes makes total sense with the coastal theme.
  9. Golden spoons – Stilleben. || €17 to 26 € || Those spoons look like they were part of a fancy cruise crossing the Atlantic ocean. The golden touch that makes life chicer.
  10. Cygnet Lambswool Blanket – The Future Kept. ||€69 ||It’s the north, you need a blanket and a good one, this one is handmade in the UK and comes from one of my favorite e-shops.

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