June 17, 2019

Simple and Modern Uses of a Peg Rail Around the House

A lot of old household items such as copper candle holders, wooden dish brushes or enamel mugs are making a huge comeback these days. It might be because they remind us of a time where life was lived at a slower pace or just because their design is beautiful. Either way, they have the power to really add a nice touch to our interior. One of these household items is particularly appreciated in modern homes: Peg rails.

It’s no big deal when you think about it. It’s basically a bunch of hooks attached to a rack. Nothing really fancy. But it can do wonders around a house and really help you keep the clutter away. In terms of design, its simplicity and clean lines will complement any walls. Let’s see some creative and beautiful ways to use it around the house.

Use of peg rail in an entryway

In a very narrow entryway, it can be a real lifesaver. Also using a peg rail with a shelf can help you decorate your entryway by just putting some nice art on it or some boxes and baskets (see picture below). Peg rails also come in many lengths so they can easily adjust to your specific situation. If you have a small wall you’d like to take advantage of for instance.

Picture : Design Sponge
creative uses of peg rails around the house
Picture: Emily Hendersen

Use of peg rail in the Kitchen

A lot of objects in the kitchen are hangable. Hanging things is a really smart way to gain space and have your cooking items at your fingertips. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to show off your beautiful pans and cooking utensils. You also won’t have to dust as much as with open-shelving. Clearly a win-win situation.

creative uses of peg rails around the house
Picture: Nordic Design

Use of peg rail in the bedroom

The bedroom is often the place where clothes are just laying around the floor. This situation often occurs because no one wants to put their clothes, bags, etc.. back in the cupboard when they might use them again soon. So to me, a peg rail is the perfect solution. It’ll allow us to hang our temporary clothes so they won’t just lay on the ground. It doesn’t demand a lot of efforts on our parts and in terms of design, it can really upgrade a blank wall.

creative uses of peg rails around the house
Picture : Artilleriet
creative uses of peg rails around the house
Picture: Blogga i Bagis

Use a peg rail in the Mudroom / Laundry room

If there is one room that could really use peg rails, it’s the mudroom or laundry room. It’ll always come in handy. These are typically the rooms where you need to have a lot of hanging space and places where to put things. I particularly like the idea of using it as an art stander (see picture below).

creative uses of peg rails around the house
Picture: Studio Mcgee
creative uses of peg rails around the house
Picture: Apartment 34

I hope you’ve found these uses of peg rails inspiring. For a selection of 8 modern peg rail to buy check out How to Style a Peg Rail in a Bedroom So It’s Sleek and Functional (Plus 8 to Buy)

Cover picture : Coco Lapine Design


[…] >>Check out these simple and creative uses of peg rails around the house. […]

[…] The beautiful kitchen is a deVOL Kitchen. I particularly like its simplicity and the fact that there are no cabinets in the upper part. The use of peg rails instead, is a smart way to display your kitchenware and have it within your range at all time. You’ll notice that peg rails are a recurrent item around this home, it’s certainly because of its highly versatile features. Check out these simple and creative ways to use a peg rail around the home. […]

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