May 15, 2017

Secrets of Green – A Destination for Urbanists

Secrets of Green – A Destination for Urbanists

Why Shop There

Secrets of green is a new online shop, it has opened in March of this year. I found them through their Instagram account and was happy when their shop went live. You will find there, a selection of art, stationery, accessories, home decor and plants. Secrets of green is all about community and collaboration. The brands and makers featured on the shop all have that same love for living in the city but need the calm and quiet of nature. The items they create are thus dedicated to make your home feels mroe relaxing.The selection is not very large at the moment but the founder Ulrike Schulz is very proactive and always looking for new “green” items.

For Who and on What Occasion

The shop is perfect for urban nature-lover to gather beautiful, stylish finds for their home and self. It’s also a great e-shop for gifts ideas.

Price Range

It’s very affordable

Shipping and Delivery

Secrets of Green doesn’t ship the items you order themselves. Each of your purchases will come to you directly from the brands they represent. That’s why the shipping fees can vary depending on the brand you purchase from and your location. So if you purchase from three different brands on Secrets of Green website, you might pay the shipping fees 3 times  It works a little bit like Etsy for this part. Plus you might also get your purchase not on the same day. Basically it’s like you were ordering from 3 separates website at the same time. But on average I’d say that the shipping fees costs £7.

Return Policy

You can request a product exchange up to 28 days after placing an order. All costs for returns are charged to the customer. You’ll have to contact the Seller informing them that you wish to return the product(s) and if you wish to exchange or refund the product(s). Check the seller’s product description page on the Website for their requirements for returning a product; and return the product(s) to the Seller within 14 days of letting the Seller know that you want to return your product(s).

Personal Experience

I ordered from 3 different brands, and I received my order within 3 days which was the fastest I ever got a purchase. Even though the products I ordered were from 3 different brands, they all arrived on the same day. That was very pleasant. Anyway the whole experience went very smoothly. My only critic would be that I still didn’t really get how they calculate the shipping fees, I’ve tried many different combination buying from one shop to many shops and wasn’t able to understand.

Visit the shop

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Secrets of Green is an online shop for urbanists in love with nature


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