April 27, 2017

Rhoeco – Herbal Tea Inspired by the Ecosystem

Rhoeco is a young greek herbal tea company that aim to create a lifestyle where human needs are satisfied in harmony with natural processes. Their vision is to me what every company should tend to, eco conscious and sustainable.
I first encountered Rhoeco 4 months ago on Instagram (thank god for instagram). Their packaging and the beautiful pictures they post intrigued me. So I followed them and kept following their journey from there. We got in touch recently and they kindly offered to send me samples of their herbal teas. I really enjoyed the whole rhoeco’s experience, I got to try the mountain blend and the urban blend and both are so full of taste. Urban was a little too powerful for me but mountain was just perfect.

Herbal power

There is some kind of belief that herbal tea are often tasteless and an old lady’s beverage but really Rhoeco’s blend are the opposite of that. It’s full of taste and you can visually see the herbs deliver their flavor while you poor your hot water on it. The icing on the cake is the packaging, a seed is hidden in the lid so you can reuse the pot to plant the herb. Absolutely flawless.


Q&A session with Rhoeco

Can you tell me about who’s behind Rhoeco’s herbal tea?

Harry, Katerina and Vaya, we are the people behind Rhoeco. Agronomists, friends since university, in love with herbs and ecology conscious, we created this brand after a long preparation. Each of us holds different qualities that are perfectly combined together to give out the desirable result.

What do you do yourselves in the process of making your product? Do you grow the plants yourselves, do you pick it yourselves, do you make the packaging etc…

After trying numerous herb samples from organically certified growers, we ended up picking those that meet up our standards. We collect the season’s harvest to our certified facilities, and we sort them out picking only the best.
We make the sorting by ourselves, a process that requires a lot of time and even more patience and attention to detail! It is quite challenging! We create the blends and we make the packaging by ourselves. Since we are at a very early stage, each of the three of us has multiple roles and is responsible for many different tasks. It is challenging sometimes but always very exciting.
In the future, we aim to set up our organic fields where we will grow some of the species we use in our blends. We have some fields that are already certified as organic.

What does an average day look like for you as a business owner?

We spend our days at our facilities in Thessaloniki, Greece, which include our offices, lab and our storeroom.
We go there at 9 o clock in the morning and we stay there as long as it takes.
Since we own the place, we do a lot of extra hours but we really couldn’t care less because we love what we do.

During a typical day, we spend some time doing office work (answering e-mails, sending  orders, finding new markets) and we also dedicate some time to sort herbs and have them ready for the blend making or to pack the products. Everything is made by us, by hand.
The biggest challenge is managing time efficiently to avoid leaving behind any project.
The biggest reward is when we receive positive and encouraging feedback about our products and they way we work.

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[…] Rhoeco – Herbal Tea Inspired by the Ecosystem […]

[…] Rhoeco – Herbal Tea Inspired by the Ecosystem […]

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