April 20, 2017

Casa Cook Hotel – Rhodes (GR)

Casa Cook Hotel- Rhodes (GR)

Why go at Casa Cook hotel:

Greece is always a top destination for the spring period, the weather is already beautiful and it’s not too hot. So this is a good reason to choose Greece but then why should you choose Casa Cook? Simply because it’s been tailored for you. It’s a hotel for adults only with every features you could ever wish for. Every room has a direct access to the pool, there is multiple space where you can hang out alone or with people. You can also shop the best greek craftmanship from the hotel itself. It’s said to be inspired by the spirit of our times and really it can not be put in a better way. And the best part: the prices are very reasonable. A room starts at 100 euros roughly it can go up but it’s not impossible to stay there.

Price: $$

Little tip: If you wait until july 2017, a second hotel is going to open on Kos Island.

Web site: casa cook

Address: United Europe Street, Kolymbia, 85103 Rhodes / Greece

+30 2241 05 63 33



Pictures credit: Georg Roske


Trop drôle que tu parles de cet endroit!
J’ai failli booker une semaine là-bas pour les 30 ans de Damien… Je m’étais aussi faite la remarque que les prix étaient super ok.

Gros becs

ha ouais est d’accord les prix sont tops si tu t’y prends relativement à l’avance! A tester dans tous les cas. besos

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