May 7, 2018

15 Items That Will Make Your Bedroom Look Like A Paris Boutique Hotel

15 Items That Will Make Your Bedroom Look Like A Paris Boutique Hotel

Paris is full of well-decorated boutique hotels. If you are looking for a nice and design place to stay for a weekend in Paris, you won’t have any trouble finding some but picking only one will be hard (here are two of my fav: Henriette and Hoxton). But today it’s all about the beautiful bedrooms of the Paris boutique hotel named “L’hôtel des Grands Boulevards“.

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This townhouse, erected at the time of the French revolution, was the perfect location to create a boutique hotel. Old stones are always the best to create an atmosphere because you already have a canvas that has a story. That way, you can lean on that solid base and build your concept around it. Here, a canopy bed, glass cupboards and red marble allied with a more country aesthetic. Old linens, coated walls, worn wood furniture, bronze sconces with timeworn patina helps to bring back to life the story of this old building. This brilliant work was orchestrated by none other than Dorothée Meilichzon. The acclaimed French interior designer is also well known for her work on “Grand Pigalle” “Hotel Panache” and more.

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What makes this Paris boutique hotel so stylish is this mix of XVI century French decor elements and country style ones. This association of styles imparts an elegant and timeless ambience. A balance that is pretty rare to come across. Compared to Meilichzon’s previous work, I’d say that this boutique hotel is maybe less imprinted with a genre. And to me, that’s what makes it so charming and timeless.

So now let’s see what we need to get the look. I have roamed the web in search of these iconic pieces that make it so unique. Let’s dig into it.

Get the look:

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Picture Credit: Karel Balas





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