March 19, 2018

4 E-Shops Where To Find The Best Handmade Decor Items

4 E-Shops Where To Find The Best Handmade Decor Items

First of all, handmade decor items and handmade products, in general, are part of a societal change taking place right now. Aesthetic is not the only preoccupation anymore when making a purchase. We also care about the “how it’s made”. Thus we like to know how and who is behind the products we purchase. It adds a new dimension to that product, letting us get attached to it and not treating it as another disposable thing. Also, It allows us to tell a story when someone asks about a specific object. “It was made by a Brazilian couple who plants banana trees and make baskets out of their leaves is more enticing than I bought it at Wallmart/Maison du Monde, Target…”.

That part of the process has become so important that even those big enterprises start to develop handmade products line.

Handmade as a part of the slow life trend

As discussed in 11 Foolproof Ways To Add A Slow Life Vibe To Your Interior, slow living is all about taking your time. Which is exactly what handmade means: Taking the time to imagine and shape an object. It’s not all about rentability anymore but more about actually enjoying the process of making and loving what you do step by step. We are getting more and more enthusiastic about craftsmanship. So much, that shops all around the world are dedicated to it entirely. The big advantage we have nowadays is that thanks to the internet, we have access to worldwide crafts and know-how.

So I have listed 4 of my favorite e-shops specialized in handmade decor items + a selection of my favorite products for each website.

The Citizenry 

The Citizenry is all about products with a soul, a story, and a purpose. They partner with master artisans all over the world, to create homeware goods that are modern and made out of great quality material.


From: USA
To: Worldwide

+ Their “artisan” menu which allows you to get to learn about the people behind the things.
[envira-gallery id=”2958″]


Rooted in the “slow life” movement, Naëst features a selection of small handmade decor items. Sandrine, the founder tries to find objects that resonate with her aesthetics and universe. Her selection feels very personal and completely right.


From: France
To: Worldwide

+ A very natural and timeless selection.
[envira-gallery id=”2952″]


Based in Paris, Noyoco is an environmentally responsible fashion brand as well as a homeware retailer. Aiming for a multicultural, optimistic and sustainable future, Noyoco is totally in phase with the new generation.


From: France
To: Worldwide

+ the fact that their clothes are unisex and the cool nonchalant wit there is to their selection.
[envira-gallery id=”2944″]

Couleur Locale

An incredible online space with homeware goods from all over the planet all handmade with love by artisans. You’ll find there all kinds of unique finds to fill your home with.


From: Belgium
To: Europe

+ The incredible ethnic collection gathered throughout the years.

[envira-gallery id=”2938″]

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Handmade decor items for your interior

Picture credit: Cover by Design Shop Interiors

All other picture belongs to the e-shops they are associated with.

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