July 22, 2019

An Easy Way to Transform Radiators into Stylish Nooks

In old apartments, radiators are often visible and prominent. They can be seen as annoying. Because they eat up precious space that we would rather be using for something else. As it happens I have four radiators in my small flat. One of them is in my kitchen located at a very inadequate spot that kind of kills the traffic flow of the space. Therefore, I needed to find a way to make it more legitimate and justify its presence here. This is exactly how I’ve transformed radiators into stylish nooks.

Put a shelve above it!

It’s a simple trick yet very efficient. Just put a shelf above it and you’ll see that it’ll instantly make it look like it belongs here. It will add a sense of usefulness to your radiator. Nevertheless, simply adding a shelve won’t make it look stylish per se. You’ll need to work on the styling of the shelve to see it transform into a stylish little nook.

A quick tip: Paint the shelve the same color as the radiator so they can  blend perfectly 

Styling your shelve

Radiators are often very prominent in old apartments and eat up a lot of space. Here is an easy way to transform them into stylish nooks

When I style a shelve this is how I proceed for a good visual balance and a stylish result:

  • Lay down my options and pick items that go well together
  • Try to not mix more than 3 to 5 colors
  • Mix old and more modern items for an authentic result
  • Add an original item that shows my personality
  • Play with different heights to guide the eye
  • Try to put at least one item that can come in handy


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