January 18, 2019

What not to miss from the new ferm Living Collection

The new ferm LIVING Spring/Summer 2019 Collection is out and it’s everything we have been expecting: Authentic and in tune with the times. Since a few seasons, ferm LIVING has been operating a certain change of direction. Famous for its graphical prints and pastel colors, they have managed to take some distance from that while leaving their very recognizable style untouched.

“Space to feel comfortably you”

Those are the words that introduce the new ferm LIVING catalog. So how do you illustrate a space that feels comfortably you? Well, you show how people truly live. And that’s exactly what ferm LIVING did. Some of the pictures inside the catalog come from real people’s home which adds to the authentic feeling we get from this collection. Moreover, they approached this spring/summer collection,  room by room, making how we function in those rooms the focal point of their collection.

What Trine Andersen, ferm LIVING’s foundor, says about her collection pretty much sums it up:

It is a panoramic view of the spaces where we live our lives, shaped by our favorites things, memories, and people. The stories are here to show you that home can be whenever and whatever makes you feel comfortably you.

Now let’s see how this translate into images:

ferm LIVING new collection is out! CLick to discover what not to miss

A few must-have from ferm’s living new collection

Here is a selection of my favorite things from this collection.

  • The haze wall cabinet: because it’s simple and well designed with a kind of retro vibe yet modern. It’s also small and can fit in any small bathroom.
  • Pond Trivet: these look like they are just out of a Matisse drawing and the brass ads a little chic touch.
  • Rest light: A table lamp is always a must have and when it’s made out of marble well we just can’t resist it.

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  • Scenery pinboard: I like the way ferm living reinvented the classic cork pinboard.
  • Flying shelf: Those shelves are looking like jewels, I’m not even sure you have to put things on it.
  • The Cluster table: This was always a very handy invention and I like the simple design of these
  • The Bon wooden tray: I’ve always like the idea of being able to put a tray on the couch or on the bed just like Japanese people do. This one is perfect for that plus its clean lines are very attractive.
  • Hooks: Hooks and handles can transform boring wall/furniture into great pieces and these are exactly the type.
  • Ripple Smoked Glass: These ripple glasses have been trending all over the web and the new smoked version of it ads a little 70’s vibe which is very enticing.
  • The Planter: The original ferm living planter is probably my favorite items of all. It’s such a versatile piece and sleekly designed. So it’s only natural that the new rounded one was going to be a hit.
  • Kitchen rod: To have everything within range while cooking can really change the experience. These kitchen rods are handy and beautiful.


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