February 18, 2019

3 Online Shops Where To Find Stunning Runner Rugs for Under 200 CHF

There are only a few pieces in interior design that can really bring a room together, rugs a surely one of them. Have you ever notice how when a living room is missing a rug, the room feels incomplete? The same goes for hallways. Putting a runner rug can really help to dress up these hard to furnish spaces.

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A hard quest

Sourcing a rug is one thing but sourcing a runner rug is another… A lot of shops have a large range of rugs but when it comes to runner rugs, it’s another story. I’m actually looking for one myself to put in my entryway. The space is long and narrow, there is almost no natural light and not a lot of options to make something functional and beautiful. Long story short, I was looking for a hallway rug to complete this room because for now, it looks a bit unfinished. Let me tell you that the search was painful… I had such a hard time finding runners that were looking good but also affordable and of quality. So in order to ease your way through this runner quest, I thought that I could share with you the 3 best online shops where to find runner rugs. Of course, these shops don’t only do runner rugs but they all have a section dedicated to it. Let’s see:

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Benuta is a European shop, where you can find the biggest choice of vintage-like rugs amongst other styles. They have a large range of products and a lot of ways to filter them which is very easy to use. Definitely check them out.

To: Europe
From: Europe

Joss & Main

They also have a big range of choice, you’ll find plenty of different styles and shapes. Runners are also a big part of their selection. Unfortunately, they don’t ship to Europe except for the UK.

To: USA, Canada, UK, Germany
From: USA


Urbanara is a German company with entities in many European countries. Super nice and good quality rugs, some of their models exist in a lot of colors which is a really great addition.

Urbanara.com, Urbanara.ch
To: Worldwide
From: Germany


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