November 4, 2019

This How You Make Timeless Scandinavian Interior Design

In the north, indoor life has always been of major importance. Probably due to the cold climate, the Scandinavians have set about making their interiors welcoming and pleasant to live in. However, when we talk about Scandinavian design, what often comes to mind is very light wood with pastel colors. This is quite normal given that we have been bombarded with images of this type for two or three years. However, it is very limiting to confine Scandinavian interior design to only those elements. It’s much richer and more interesting than that.

This apartment belonging to interior designer Lovisa Håger is a good example of timeless Scandinavian design. Because she managed to keep Scandinavian DNA intact while adding other styles into the mix.
So let’s take the tour and see why it works.

Breathing space

Scandinavian design is often seen as minimalist and pure. It’s never cluttered or fuzzy. It needs a lot of white space to “breathe” and to reflect natural light. Here I like that even the painting is white. Its purpose is to add texture to the wall while keeping it simple and clean. It conveys a feeling of lightness to the room.


Contrast helps to guide the eye through a room and adds character as well. When everything is in the same intensity of colors, it can be a little boring and dull. Here, the grey molding that is painted throughout the whole apartment drives the eye and keeps things interesting.


In the North, natural light is a rare commodity, especially in winter. That’s why white walls are so popular in Scandinavian interior design. But not only that, dark painting can also add some coziness just like in this bedroom. The space feels intimate and comfy which is exactly what we’d want a bedroom to feel like.

Authentic touches

I’ve been noticing a spat of antic furniture in nordic homes. In this apartment, the deep warm wood pieces of furniture look like they’ve been collected throughout the years. They add warmth and personality to this home. The same goes for the little decor pieces such as vases, pottery and candles holders that look like they are handmade or found at a flea market.

Cozy textile

Last but not least, the textiles are of mear importance. Shaggy carpeting, sheep skinned armchair are both adding to the feeling of coziness and warmth.


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