January 30, 2017

Always Keep an Organized Purse with these 5 Items

Always Keep an Organized Purse with these 5 Items

It’s no secret a women’s purse is a dangerous place to venture. You never know what you will find. But more accurately you rarely find it…

If you are like me, chances are that you might have trouble to always find what you are looking for in your purse. Sometime there is so many things accumulating that it’s hard to see clearly in there.

Hopefully solutions exists to create a friendlier version of your purse. A purse where you could manage to find things in less than 10 seconds. An organized purse for god’s sake. To make it happened, you only need the right tools and also a little discipline to not let the chaos come back.  


The tools you need to always keep an organized purse

  1. Key Chain

    by Tory Burch $115
    A key chain is an absolute must because when you think about it, what is it that you search the most in your bag? K-E-Y-S

  1. Purse Organizer

    by Mochithings $35.95
    This is a brilliant idea. it’s a sort of bag within a bag that you can move from one handbag to another without having to think too much. It possesses many sections to organize your stuff and it also comes in many sizes.

  1. Pouch for make up

    by Charlie’s dream € 25
    “Divide and rule”, that’s what you need to keep in mind. Having one pouch with everything in it is a good start. But then what’s the point if you still need to search the product in the pouch itself?

  1. First Aid Pouch

    by Apple White CHF 26
    As seen above, divide your products in order to gain efficiency. A pouch for all that’s medication related and first aid.

  2. Cord Taco

    by This is Ground CHF 18
    To keep your usb cables or headphone free of knots. If you happen to carry a lot of those daily, you could even imagine to have an entire pouch dedicated to them.


Cover image by: Sequins & Stripes



Love the cord taco <3 need one of those in my bag for sure!

Kim x

I know right! They also make some kind of small pouch where you can store more cables.

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