January 27, 2017

The Best Apps to Boost Your Productivity

The Best Apps to Boost Your Productivity

Let’s get deeper into our get organized theme this month. We’ve already provided you with the best items to start fresh in 2017. So now let’s see the best apps to boost your productivity

Apps are a part of our life, we use some of them on a daily basis. They help us get connected with each other, they teach us skills and so much more. There is a category of apps that I tend to use more than the others and it is the productivity apps. You’ll find one for everything you can imagine. They help you get your repetitive tasks or daily duty done so much faster. However, it is not always easy to find them. App stores are hard to navigate. There is so much apps in there that it is not always easy to distinguish which are the really useful ones.

Since we are a bit of app nerds and pretty much tried them all. We decided to put together a list of our favorite productivity apps here at the Gem Picker. We’ll surely be doing a list like that for other app categories, let me know which one would you like to be next in the comment box below.

  1. Wunderlist

    You might know this one or have heard of it, but believe us in the list making area it’s the best. Using it on a daily basis helps you stay organized through the day. You can use it for grocery shopping, to create a travel wish list and for many more things. It’s collaborative so you can share the lists with anyone.

  1. Be Focused

    A very simple app, that will help you keep focus on what you are doing at the moment so you can get done what needs to be. It is really useful for work because it helps you divide your task in little chunks of time. It forces you to focus on only one subtask for a certain amount of time. Forget about starting something and never finishing it. This app really helps you get through things.

  1. Unroll me

    This one is a life saver. If you are like me and you sign up to hundreds of newsletter per month, you definitely need it. It will set a list of all your subscription emails and allow you to unsubscribe easily from those you don’t want. You will receive a daily email form unroll me with all your subscription emails in one email. You can kiss that way to high number on your email app good bye.

  2. Last pass

    Security on internet is a big issue nowadays. Having one unique passwords for all your account is not acceptable anymore. With this app you’ll be able to stock your passwords all in one place. It will keep them safe with a master passwords that only you know. Everything is encrypted and they also use the two-factor authentication.

  3. Feedly

    Chances are that you have plenty of different information sources. It is sometimes hard to keep up with all these websites. Between the news sites, the blogs and every other platforms that exists, it’s easy to get lost. Feedly keeps all you favorite sources for informations in one place. It also provides you with full of new sources you could like. It really is a time saver.

  4. Mail to self

    If, most of the time, you surf the web on your mobile this could help you a lot. Mail to self allows you to mail yourself any content you find interesting on the internet. You don’t even have to copy paste the url in an email. Just head to the share button on your navigator and then mail to self. It’s magic we swear.

We are done with productivity apps but remember, you can write a comment below if you’d like us  to cover another app category. Cheers!



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