December 29, 2022

3 Cool Ideas to Use a Toast Rack in your Home Decor

Recently I’ve seen an Instagram video from a shop I love Heirloom Art Co. They’ve posted about a beautiful toast rack and the multiple ways you can use this antique item.

I have always diverted the primary function of a toast rack simply because it’s such a beautiful item and a practical one as well. So today I wanted to share three simple ideas to repurpose your toast stand that will enhance your home decor.

1. Toast rack as a mail holder

As pretty as it is effective for sorting your mail, I love this use of a toast rack.

toast rack as mail holder
Toast rack by heirloom Art Co.

2. Toast rack as a plate holder

I currently use my toast rack this way. I store 6 plates in it that we use every day because it’s very easy to access and pretty.

toast rack as plate holder
My own toast rack

3. Toast rack as a bookholder

This idea is ideal for people who read several books at the same time or simply display books in an original way on a shelf.

toast rack as book holder
Toast rack by heirloom Art Co.

Where to find a large range of antique toast racks

Selency this french brocante website is one of my absolute favorites to find antique gems. It’s often affordable and offers a lot of options.

Etsy marketplace is always on my list of shops when I seek that kind of article.

A collection of a few of my favorite toast racks around the internet:

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