March 20, 2017

La Habanera – Madrid

La Habanera – Madrid

This is the first post in this new category I have called “Address Book”. The idea here is to make a collection of all the places (great restaurants, cool shops, trendy coffee shops and so on…) I found while travelling or while surfing the web. For each spot, I will make a handy card with all the important info so that you can keep it in a pinterest board for exemple or store it in your computer for your next trip there. Let’s start with La Habanera in Madrid, a great restaurant.

Why go at La Habanera:

First for the decor, it’s breathtaking. Inspired from La Havana in Cuba, everything about it is so well finished, it transports you there. Picture tropical plants everywhere, rattan furnitures, bright colors, very chic fabrics with Bossa Nova music playing  in the background, do you feel it? You don’t want to miss the bathroom too since there is swings in there!
It’s not all about the decor, the food is also delicious. You can go there either for a brunch or for a classy dinner but don’t forget to book before going since it’s really popular.

Opening hours:
Mon – Fri  13:00 – 2:30
Sat – Sun 11:00 – 2:30

Price Range: $$

Web site:

Address: Calle Génova 28

Phone: +34 91 737 20 17

Make a reservation:

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La habanera Madrid, a beautiful spot to have brunch or dinner

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