November 30, 2018

Gift Guide: 9 Handmade Gifts Perfect For Your Sister

For this Christmas gift guide, I wanted to add a new notion in the mix: Handmade gifts.
Not for the sake of shaming mass produced items but rather to prove that it is now easy to come across a great handmade product at a fair price. Far away is the time when handmade meant approximatively designed, not so functional or very expensive. The items in this list are made by people with great expertise in their craft and a keen eye for design. These handmade gifts are more than just a bag or a pouch because when you purchase them, you also support makers to keep going. Not to mention the fact that the materials used for the conception of these objects is almost all the time eco-friendly and of quality.

Sac Marin Classic

You might also notice that one of these gifts is available from my own shop! Yes, that’s a novelty of this year, I wanted to make it possible for my fellow Swiss citizens to buy the sac Marin without fearing the atrocious customs fees. In Switzerland, we have a lot of extra costs to pay upon arrival of the parcel when we order from foreign websites. So I teamed up with the sisters behind Marin et Marine to bring you this bag free of customs fees. You’ll pay the same price as if you were an EU citizen. So just click this link to get your bag free of taxes just this once!

Shop These Christmas Handmade Gifts For Your Sister

Gift Guide : Handmade gifts for your sister


  1. Eau de parfum by Bon Parfumeur || CHF 55 ||
    French perfume at an affordable price you can also customize the bottle with a message.
  2. 3 months membership candle club by Essence & Alchemy || £ 48 ||
    As mention in this interview with Lesley the human behind the candles, I found this membership a marvelous idea and a gift that lasts.
  3. Erode summit soap + button plate by Ume Studio  || $75 ||
    Okay, might be a little expensive for soap but think of this as something you’d never buy four yourself but you’d be thrilled to receive. 
  4. Beauty Case Large by Bindi Atelier || 28€ ||
    A good looking cotton beauty case. The inside is covered with plastic for an easy maintenance.
  5. Leather lace-up shoes by Solovière || 295€ ||
    Every woman needs a pair of a ballerina and those are the quintessence of it. Designed in Paris and made in Italy from a single piece of leather which is the brand’s singularity.
  6. Jasmina face and body oil by LA-EVA|| £25 ||
    Natural ingredients all the way, this oil soften and hydrate the body and face not to mention its regenerating scent.
  7. Ceramic earrings by Pedrusco || €60 ||
    Ceramic is such a noble art. The idea to wear it as earrings is very appealing even more when the design looks like this.
  8. Weekly Planner by Old English Co || CHF 11 ||
    A planner is a classic gift at Christmas. This one is clean and simple printed on recycled paper with veggie inks.  
  9. Sac Marin Classic in Pomegranate by Marin et Marine  || CHF 92 ||
    The classic sac Marin is the perfect companion for each of your adventures. It will follow you anywhere city, beach or countryside.
    Available here on The Gem Picker for my fellow Swiss citizens.

Cover picture by Nathan Fertig


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