Behind the Scenes

Hi, I’m Pamela Séchaud a digital art director, interior design writer, stylist, and content creator, based in Geneva Switzerland. Half Swiss, half Canadian, I love all the design things but above all home decor is my favorite.

You’ll find on my blog all the tools and information you need, to achieve a well-edited home that reflects your way of life. 

My motto: Surround yourself with things you love and discard the rest

Like many people of my generation, I quickly realized that this society of over-consumption was not going to make me happy. So after doing some big changes in my life thanks to Marie Kondo’s book, I decided to open up to share what I had learned and my passion for home decor with intention.

What I aim to do here

Since its early stages, the Gem Picker has evolved with me becoming more and more a place where I share my finds in terms of functional interior design, simple tips brands that are doing it right but also my own universe and my passion for home decor as a way of enhancing human’s comfort and everyday life. I’ve always truly believed that our environment has a big effect on our happiness and everyday life. So I have put a lot of effort into surrounding myself with carefully chosen items and functional spaces that fits my way of life.

My style: eclectic and intentional

I try to avoid to fall for trends as much as possible. Instead, I seek a more authentic and timeless style that fits my beliefs and way of life. I try to always bring things into my home with intention. I clearly have a soft spot for dark forest green and well-crafted natural materials. But all in all, I like to mix different styles better than following a certain style. To me, it’s important to take into account what you already own and cherish. I believe there is always a stylish way to display those things that bring you joy.

Life in a rental apartment

As I spend half of my time working from my rental apartment, it is really important to me to make it feel homy. I started to imagine and create this home decor while trying to respect a certain budget. I’m not done yet (I doubt I ever will) but little by little this rental apartment is becoming a home where I feel good and that is helping me become my best self. You can follow the behind the scenes on my Instagram page @thegempicker or here if you want a more complete story.