Behind the Scene

Pamela is a digital art director, half Swiss, half Canadian, lover of beautiful things, home decor enthusiast and founder of The Gem Picker.

Her experience as a digital art director helped her develop a keen eye for design. Being on the internet all day long has also taught her how to search for stuff and also allowed her to collect la crème de la crème of the internet.

The Gem Picker adventure started with that passion for seeking out aesthetics and well-made products. Pamela has always put a lot of effort into surrounding herself with beautiful and carefully chosen items. She wanted to create a website where to keep track and share all these gems.

Her leitmotiv: Surround yourself with things you love and discard the rest.

What you will find on The Gem Picker

If you are looking for great travel addresses, home decor inspiration or simply trendy gifts ideas then, you have come to the right place. The Gem Picker is your hub for online shopping inspiration.
Our mission: Finding for you the best items for your day to day lives amongst the profusion that exists nowadays.


If you feel like your brand or product could fit with The Gem Picker’s spirit don’t hesitate to write to us at moderngal@thegempicker.com
We will be happy to answer you and see how we can work together.

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